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Thread: Guardian FSD booster question

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    Guardian FSD booster question

    Anyone have the stats on the Guardian FSD booster? I can't seem to find it anywhere on google.

    Thank you in advance.

    edit: Post with stats:

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    I don't think anyone has found yet where to get it from. There are no stats, nothing, just the (unintended?) Information from FD that the pricing has somewhat been changed on that yet undiscovered module.

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    Is it really undiscovered..?

    It looks like I could get it right now, if I had the materials...

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    so is it a utility module that increases FSD range?

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    When was this discovered?!

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    Originally Posted by Niitroglycerine View Post (Source)
    When was this discovered?!
    If it really is finally available, then it was less discovered and more simply turned on by Frontier.

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    Oh, cooool.
    Can't wait to see if it's worth it.

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    Please tell me how it works and it it's worth it and I will insta-Serial-jump 3kly back to the bubble just to get it.

    I just happen to have the necessary materials for it \o/

    EDIT: let's also hope it's for Utility Mounts and not internals

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    It seems my next task is clear.


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    I might just have to start on the guardians missions for this one (if it's any good) Wonder what it could do for a Vette's FSD?


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    If this isn't fake, I am concerned about the downside of this.

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    If it is indeed an FSD booster and is a utility module, then I wonder if they are stackable too like Shield boosters?

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    FSD booster... now that's a module I've been thinking lately. Good to know that it's already in game, not only in my wildest dreams. I have my hopes high but I also expect some really rear kicking requirements to get one.

    Now, how much I must hype myself for having one to get over acquisition requirements?

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    Originally Posted by BDelacroix View Post (Source)
    If this isn't fake, I am concerned about the downside of this.
    You'll have to grind your rear off to make it work decently. Actually it won't work decently - it will be ridiculously overpowered and you'll never want to fly without. So you'll do it for every fricken ship. Which will be terribly boring. But you just can't fly without, cos it cuts down the repetition of jumping and jumping and jumping significantly.

    It'll be a vicious circle and you'll be asking yourself: "Why am I doing this?" at some point.

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    Confirmed - these new Guardian modules are present at Jameson.

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