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  • 01 - Entarius Fusion - 1st Drabble.... Mr Hank

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  • 02 - Listeri69 - Running from myself again....

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  • 03 - psykokow - Blistering

    4 25.00%
  • 04 - Simoof - Going the full hog

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  • 05 - FolcoTook - What's a Couple Extra Letters

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  • 06 - TheOriginalB - The View From The Observat

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  • 07 - Star-Lord_Prime - Sports day=drinking day.

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  • 08 - RoyalHankey - Drabble team entries to the

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  • 09 - Ninj - Why do we even publish letters like

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  • 10 - Frank - Big Air

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  • 11 - Fletchmo - “Someone’s Gonna Get It”

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  • 12 - Galactic Midden - Three is a Magic Number

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Thread: Drabble Short Story Contest #245: Sports Day

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    Drabble Short Story Contest #245: Sports Day

    Thank you to all the people who voted for Listeri69 last week. It meant that he had the honour of picking the topic, "Sports Day"

    Psykokow hosts the Abraka-Drabble live reading show and "comedy" hour (usually at 7pm), Fridays on...
    HUTTON ORBITAL RADIO! (audio only)
    LAVE RADIO! (audio only)
    TWITCH! (audio & visual)
    and will also be uploaded to his You-tube channel & anywhere else he can inflict the world with our drabblings!

    Come back on Sunday night to see how well your Drabble has done. At least come back before Monday 15:00 to check if you're the one that has to provide us with a topic.

    Please vote. Everyone is welcome to vote.
    And a plea to all of the contestants, Don't vote for yourself.

    01 - Entarius Fusion - 1st Drabble.... Mr Hankey, guess what..... i voted for you! Happy birthday by the way.

    Its infinite permutations appealed to Commander Draxxor, its absolute influence was spellbinding and its boundless acceptance took her breath away. the eternal nature of it's story and its perpetual appeal was what made this a timeless classic. the props were lined up in a triangular matrix, each formation facing each other in a suspended state of animation for all of time, next the small sphere of light plastic in Draxxor's left hand was released and found its mark. Draxxor laughed as Commander Psymons Drank the gin, everyone loved Beer Pong and it was always a favorite on Hutton's sports day.

    02 - Listeri69 - Running from myself again....

    The starter's pistol fired.
    100 people started the race but the same amount were never going to finish
    Simoof pushed hard from the start knowing a good lead would see him in good stead for the later part of the race
    he was really running hard now, cheeks puffing in and out, body parts all twitching in perfect unison
    He'd been in training for weeks for this race and he wasn't going to fail now. T
    he high calorie intake, the rhythm, the breathing and the positioning.
    Checking his bowl Simoof knew he was winning toilet filler of the year...

    03 - psykokow - Blistering

    His hand and wrist ached from the sheer effort, sweat pouring from his forehead.
    Each slight shift in his weight led to a slurpy squeak as sweat pooled in the gaps between his cheeks and pilot chair.
    It had been a real struggle to find a strong source of the signal, and to get there in time to catch the first broadcast had been the most critical part of his mission. Now he just had to manage to survive long enough to catch the whole broadcast.
    The Achenar Playboy televised Wet T-shirt sports day might just kill him this year.

    04 - Simoof - Going the full hog

    "Sports Day!? What is that all about?" quizzed the normal people.
    "We don't know, Winnard posted it." replied the others.
    "So water sports, you know pissing on people and the likes?"
    "I dont think so. I mean he is disgusting and that is probably something he'd do for fun."
    "Has wanking been declared a sport? He'd be world champion"
    "Not that we are aware."
    A sudden gust of wind suddenly blew open an unseen fold in the paper...
    "Ahh, ok that makes sense..." Supersized porky pigs wanted for Winnards sex day marathon.
    What do you think he'll do with them?"

    05 - FolcoTook - What's a Couple Extra Letters Amongst Friends

    Folco showed up on the big day carrying several food containers. The gathered athletes were lined up at the registration table and Folco joined at the end of the queue.

    When Folco's turn came up, he set the containers on the table and began to fill in the registration form.

    "I'm a little confused on which events to enter my dishes in," queried Folco.


    "Yes, I have dishes with beans, and alfalfa, and radishes."

    "Are you supposed to be delivering these to the athlete's tent," asked the official.

    "No, I'm here for the food contest. Isn't this Sprouts Day?"

    06 - TheOriginalB - The View From The Observation Deck (Or How This Unrelated Title And Story Barely Meet The Criteria)

    Grimly, his damaged Diamondback Explorer, Lump, limped toward Farseer Base. The meta-alloy in his hull was hard to come by and pirates and Thargoids had been interest in him since. Base in sight, he called for docking permission. Suddenly his display lit up with multiple incoming ships: Vipers. He clenched everything. Evasive manuvers were out of the question. He was so close! Then they screamed past his cockpit at incredible speeds, meters from his hull. "Out of our way, noobkins!" The commander was barely able to make out the word "CANYON" written in large letters - and then they were gone.

    07 - Star-Lord_Prime - Sports day=drinking day.

    Psykokow speaks, rather excited "This is Hutton Orbital, here to inform you about the drinking contest for our annual sports day. We're standing in front of our impenetrable voult, holding our most precious drinks for the most prestigous contest in all of universe. It's the moment you all were waiting for, the doors sart to open and we see... What on earth... It appears that our vault has been penetrated... And emptied... Who was on guard last night?"

    Everyone looks into the now opened vault, inside- a smiling Cecils face, exclaiming "Worth it" before he falls asleep snoring rather loud.

    08 - RoyalHankey - Drabble team entries to the Colonia Sports Day

    Well its sports day and the drabble team entered.
    They said lets have a meeting see who's going where.
    Alien said 'I will go for the decathlon, no one Knows who side I am on.
    Winnard says "I will go for the sumo wrestling event"
    "I will go for the 100 metres event, I got go faster stripes on my head" said Mindwipe
    Simoof went for the Marathon as his farts would make him faster.
    Psykokow selected the short jump as he doesn't know how to jump long.
    EntariousFusion went for wrestling
    Simoof said "Ok meeting over another wasted day".

    09 - Ninj - Why do we even publish letters like this?

    We don't need none of them bleedin' sports!
    So you won't catch me in no effin shorts,
    which is just as well, I've got hairy warts
    -not to mention those stomach supports.
    It's just not graceful for us astronauts.

    But I'll be very happy to scrounge a day.
    I'll spend it playing with my way-hey-hey!
    I'll prod and poke it in my own way,
    until it grows old, tired and grey.
    (A bit like Maggie or Teresa May)

    Yours faithlessly

    - a cantankerous, disgruntled and slightly dodgy commander.

    10 - Frank - Big Air

    Kyle smoothed out the kneejoints in his sports spacesuit. He was limbering up for his attempt. There was no way he was going to accept second place.

    He bounded down the course, fast as his legs could carry him. He hit the spot perfectly behind the putty and launched himself upwards.

    He kept going up and up. The arena disappeared behind him. He watched the ground he was high above race underneath him, but stay exactly as far down as it was.

    He watched the arena appear on the horizon, get bigger, and go under him. He checked his air.

    11 - Fletchmo - “Someone’s Gonna Get It”

    Here we are, the final event of Hutton school sports day 3304.

    We apologise to the parents in the front row for the unfortunate finish to the egg and spoon race, when Simoof Jr tripped over. Please send your cleaning bills to the head teacher’s office.

    Which house will win the zero gee tug of war to take home Alvin's prize this year?

    Will it be the Federation or Imperials, tied at 99 points each?

    It’s just a shame that the Anarchists were disqualified for pulling the Independent’s shorts down. Please delete all photographs of that event from your tablets.

    12 - Galactic Midden - Three is a Magic Number

    The rules were simple. Paired entrants joined 2 ships together and raced For some reason, the fact that no one had done this before and that the race was sponsored by The Red Hand Gang hadn't put people off. Neither had the risk of explosive death from binding landing gears together.

    Perhaps the prize of a free anaconda at the first waypoint, Hutton Orbital, was the reason.

    31,000 ships lined up at Alpha Centauri. The Smug commanders of a Corvette-Sidewinder combo boasted on local comms as 500 Red Hand ships lay in wait listening to their leader. "That one first".

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    congratulations on a good win in a surprisingly tough field,Cmdr Ninj.

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    What I don't understand is that I came near the bottom of the competition. Why did they bring me in for a dope test?

    Congratulations Ninj. I enjoyed reading your Drabble. What's the topic for this week?

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    Thanks all for the votes and the kind words! It was great fun, not seen the Drabble show before and it was well worth it.

    Following the antics at the end of the show itself, I can only think of one appropriate topic:

    "Personal Hygiene"