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Thread: G'day, new (to PS4) Cmdr - initial impressions.

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    If I remember well, years ago, I didn't need much time to jump out of the Sidey into a Cobra. Took me 2 days or so...
    I see no problem, if it's now some hours. This keeps Newbies in Game. If a new player will see he need weeks to climb
    into a Cobra, there is a good chance he throw away the game and look for another...

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    Originally Posted by CMDR labrunning View Post (Source)
    ...and then two thousand hours later with the biggest ships in the game sat in your home system you're still on roughly the same profit margin, but with 20 million rebuys. Thats what really sucks.
    Which brings me back to my point: missions and rewards (and risks) need to scale better.

    Even better, the galaxy needs to be more differentiated (this has been discussed in detail elsewhere). The basic premise is the same as most open-world MMO's - you have beginner areas (fairly safe, low reward) and end-game areas (high risk, high reward).

    The current game gates this somewhat by the types of missions on offer, although the game scales based on personal progression too. So the higher-ranked a character is, the higher-ranked the opponents are. This has huge issues for various reasons (eg, out-of-game for a while, or out exploring for half a year, and combat skills have become rusty, there's no "beginner area" to go back to to get back up to speed).

    I'm also not sure if the game is a little broken at present, but so far I haven't had a single enemy encounter based on the missions I've taken (admittedly I haven't taken any specifically combat-oriented ones yet).

    But if the game was to differentiate more based on areas, a beginner in a Sidey could go anywhere, although chances of survival should be minimal/non-existent in the "end-game" areas. However, reward should be high enough to support (good) end-game players. If you have an expensive ship, but aren't confident enough to take on the end-game areas, then you'll have to stick to the (grindy) mid-game areas. Ultimately though it would be up to the player to choose the difficulty and reward level.

    But the game is what it is at present - and that means beginners can earn very good (IMHO a bit too much) money early on, progressing rapidly up to a point, but then later on costs (not just rebuy but also outfitting) get so high that it's difficult for players to progress or then to maintain their ships through rebuys (it could be argued that perhaps they need to take better care of their ships and try to avoid destruction at all costs, knowing when to fight and when to run, but for many it's a badge of honour to fight to the death).

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    Hi Micha, I spoke to you on the PS4 HOT group the other night. Welcome to the PS4 side of Elite again. Obviously a smaller community then the PC side but interesting none the less. Fly safe CMDR o7!

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