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Thread: Lost in Space

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    Originally Posted by lokvette View Post (Source)
    If it wasnt for the actress (Parker Posey ) playing Doctor Smith,
    Dr Smith is a woman? Oh the pain, the pain.

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    Originally Posted by mojonaut View Post (Source)
    Dr Smith is a woman? Oh the pain, the pain.
    Actually they made a nice twist to the story.

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    Six episodes in, I'm still enjoying it. Nice stuff.

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    Originally Posted by Cosmos View Post (Source)
    ZOMG.. are you guys watching this on Netflix?

    I'm blown away so far..

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    5 Episodes in.

    The new Jupiter 2 design is cool, and the Chariot sort of reminds me of the Alliance Chieftain.
    The planet visuals are very good, sweepingly awesome sometimes. There's an emphasis on old-fashioned science that harkens back to the early 60's.

    The Robot has a personality with a submerged dangerous element, like Iron Giant, but he manages to still be likable and interesting.
    It's a good remake.

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    Just finished the season.. and WOW.. last episode rocked.. And while I kinda guessed what was going to happen, there were some big surprises, well at least for me. I dont want to say any more than that, but what I expected the robot to be was completely wrong..

    While there were some MASSIVE plot holes for the season, and some. umm.. interesting character choices, I am on board with this new series.

    Series one was bout setting up the scene, characters and filling in the backstory... I think season 2 is where things are going to really kick off.

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    Visually stunning but, apart from that, I thought it was some of the worst trash I've seen in a long time. Disney channel acting, shonky plotlines which were, basically, one contrived peril after another and the faux science. OMG, the faux science.

    First episode. Water that freezes instantaneously at all depths and doesn't expand as it freezes. Is this some kind of weird space water we don't have here on earth? And a native magnesium outcrop on a wet, oxygen rich world? Really?

    I don't mind "fantasy" sci-fi of the Star Wars kind, where you know everything is, well, fantasy, but when they try to present real science "magnesium burns hot, but water makes it burn hotter" you expect them to, if not get it right, then, at least, not get it totally and completely wrong!!

    And the Jupiter spacecraft? Doesn't look anything like the Millennium Falcon without a cockpit, no sir, not at all.

    But the worst thing it that the show is entirely devoid of humour. Contrived peril, yes, overacting, yes, stunning SFX, yes. Humour? Not a trace. Look at all of the classic sci-fi. Star Trek, humour, Star wars, humour, Firefly, humour, Dr Who, humour. Lost in Space? Not a whiff of it. Po-faced acting from beginning to end. Nothing to lighten the tedium of watching the Robinson's extracting themselves from one contrived danger scenario after another.

    Honestly makes Phantom Menace look decent.

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    Originally Posted by mossfoot View Post (Source)
    You sure you got that right? I'm pretty sure the hawking radiation is simply how she knows that there is also a black hole in the system, which has created an orbit of the planet that brings it WAY too close to the sun?
    Even that's nonsense too, she could have gone with just saying it's an elliptical orbit, which is really all it's about. Adding the word's black hole is just to be scary scary to add a sense of urgency. It's not like the main colony ship couldn't have waited for them either. It was full of manipulated plot points.

    I enjoyed it but they should have covered the same distance in the first 4 eps, they stretched and stretched and stretched.

    I think I just had higher expectations and that's my problem.

    What I believe it all really means is Vancouver's burned out going from who's who to who's available.

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    Double Elite Global Moderator Sir.Tj's Avatar
    Well I've got 2 eps left and I'm enjoying it for what it is.

    But I am easily pleased... just ask Jenner.

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    I've watched the first 2 episodes and right now I'm not impressed. I didn't find it engaging, none of the characters jumped out as memorable or likable, and as for the product placement... If they crowbar another product placement into it like they did with episode 2, I'll just stop watching there and then.

    Compare with the first episode of season 3 of "The Expanse". Now THAT was how you do epic in space! When the last scene showed and it cut to credits, both myself and Mrs Zenith turned to each other and went "Is that it?" The 45 minute show went past much more quickly because it was engaging, interesting and paced well.

    I suppose it comes down to the difference between aimed at adults and aimed at families.

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    Elite Global Moderator Jenner's Avatar
    Originally Posted by Sir.Tj View Post (Source)
    Well I've got 2 eps left and I'm enjoying it for what it is.

    But I am easily pleased... just ask Jenner.

    As for LOS - I watched 10 minutes this weekend before getting distracted and haven't been back. lol.
    I do want to watch more. Just haven't had the time.

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    Just started this the other day and am loving it.
    The wife even likes it and she normally hates "space shows".

    It's really well done.

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    Double Elite Global Moderator Sir.Tj's Avatar
    Finished it last night.

    Enjoyed it myself.

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    Seen up to E5. I won't say I'm blown away, but I like it so far.

    Just replaced my 46' plasma TV with a 65' 4k TV. The show is awesome to watch in 4k

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    Couldn't stomach more than 20 mins of it, at about then I realised I was unconsciously sneering at the telly , couldn't remember how many negatives there were in the show.

    Stand outs for me were....

    whining, hormonal, sarcastic younsters ( had two of my own )

    dumbed down adult male ( like looking in the mirror, brrrrrr )

    lots of close ups of angst ridden faces..... ( just like our office at work , double brrrrrr )

    ......all in all a right load of twoddle..... went back ta watching Altered Carbon.

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