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Thread: Life Finds A Way...

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    Life Finds A Way...

    Life finds a way and I've found my way here. I am watching and reading all I can about this game. Is June 12th here yet? I'm awaiting this release with great anticipation. *waves to all the other JWE addicts*

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    Welcome. Live long and Dinosaurs!

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    *Waves back with great excitement*

    Hello and welcome to the Frontier Forums! Have fun!

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    Thanks for the great welcome! This seems like a very nice community. Its refreshing.

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    I keep getting asked by the kids "is it out yet?"

    No, and no you will not be using my rig to play it either!

    Harsh times in my household

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    Hello all. Joined today. Playing the game on PS4 for 2 weeks

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    Welcome! Like you I'm consuming as much JWE content as humanly possible in great anticipation for June 12th!

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    *waves to everyone*

    Can we time travel forward 1 month please? lol

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    Welcome to the forum.

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    Welcome to the great family of JWE and welcome on the forums !

    Long life to you among the raptors