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Thread: Small Worlds Expedition 3!!!

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    Small Worlds Expedition 3!!!

    Small Worlds Expedition 3!

    May 26 - June 16

    The record-breaking mass jump from SWE1 & SWE2 is coming back, and will be better than ever!
    Join us in small ships [ONLY] for the most memorable expeditions that have taken place over the last two years!

    Recommended ship builds

    Private Groups:

    PC Private Group: Braben is Thargoid
    Xbox Private Group: Professor7357
    PS4 Private Group: Supernova_120303
    (Console users MUST send console friend request BEFORE
    searching for private group, otherwise it will not find it)

    Send a Private Group request in-game via the Friends & Private Groups in main menu, to this user to join.

    Expedition Rules

    1. Keep it clean, be nice, if you have issues, contact an admin via the discord channel or in-game (or PM me on this forum)
    2. Under absolutely no circumstances are you to be allowed to intentionally shoot or harm a fellow commander in any way, shape, or form. If you show ANY intention of grief killing, you will be banned immediately, and removed from the roster.


    3. For security etc. reasons, the admins and staff will be explicitly strict, any and all decisions will be final with our word.


    Small Worlds Expedition is to provide the support and ability for new and casual players to be able to explore our galaxy without worry. We aim to help develop the skills and knowledge required for long distance exploration. Additionally, we hope we can provide veteran explorers an interesting and challenging alternative to the more commonly accepted exploration vessels.


    Small landing pad ships ONLY!
    Minimum jump range required is 20Ly

    Adder, Cobra Mk3, Cobra Mk4, Diamondback Explorer, Diamondback Scout, Dolphin, Eagle,
    Hauler, Imperial Courier, Imperial Eagle, Sidewinder, Viper Mk3, Viper Mk4, Vulture


    Rendezvous and Launch times UTC
    (in-game time)
    Weekends (EVERYONE): Meetup 18:00, Launch 19:00
    Weekdays (US):
    Meetup 23:50, Launch 01:00
    Weekdays (EU):
    Meetup 19:00, Launch 20:00
    Weekdays (AUS): Meetup 10:00, Launch 11:00

    Weekends: Saturday
    Weekdays: Tuesday, Thursday

    Total Expedition Distance: 9,152.87Ly
    (yes, it's short, and only 3 weeks!)

    WP# Ly to Nxt System Name Planet# LZ Coordinates LZ Image Date
    WP0 610.57Ly T Tauri A 1 A -72.14,99.26 X
    May 26
    WP1 460.79Ly HIP 23759 9 A 9.02,-142.41 X
    May 29
    WP2 463.70Ly TRAPEZIUM Sector CG-X D1-18 ABC 2 C A -12.55,-61.23 X
    May 31
    WP3 942.80Ly HIP 38064 4 -69.83,-129.73 X
    June 2
    WP4 1,171.35Ly CD-39 6137 2 A 19.89,-125.84 X
    June 5
    WP5 1,307.80Ly KN Muscae 1 -5.25,-0.95 X
    June 7
    WP6 941.20Ly Fine Ring Sector JH-V C2-4 C 2 10.94,41.02 X
    June 9
    WP7 555.69Ly IC 4604 Sector FB-X C1-16 A 1 A -3.74,29.41 X
    June 12
    WP8 1,514.40Ly Veil West Sector DL-Y D68 D 4 F -49.06,-82.08 X
    June 14
    WP9 1,184.57Ly LBN 623 Sector FW-W D1-100 6 A 76.29,90.24 X
    June 16




    # CMDR Name Ship Ship Name Platform
    1 Nuse Eagle Terminum Finalum PC
    2 Senor Corgi Imperial Courier ? PC
    3 Leif Ross Imperial Courier Jack of Speed PC
    4 VirtualAnomaly Cobra Mk3 Vergulde PC
    5 Voytek Yazov Diamondback Explorer Pin Missile PC
    6 Cmdr Sensca Diamondback Explorer PC
    7 Melody Winters Viper Mk4 Sage PC
    8 M98 Imperial Courier Wake Runner PC
    9 Victor Sirk (Formerly Sirkh) Cobra Mk3 Nomad PC
    10 Kel Solaar Imperial Courier Shooting Star PC
    11 Mark Pearson Multicrew Jensen PC
    12 Svetislav Imperial Courier Bulitt PC
    13 Osuenn Adder Endurance PC
    14 Jonuss Cobra Mk4 PC
    15 Theogilli Diamondback Explorer REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE (no joke) PC
    16 ZSCHMEEZ Diamondback Explorer Voyager PC
    17 Rosander Diamondback Explorer Explorer PC
    18 Just Call Me Dave Imperial Courier Corvid PC
    19 Andromedaa Imperial Courier Inconsistent Heart PC
    20 Zer0Axis Diamondback Explorer The Looking Glass PC
    21 Vithigar Sidewinder The Dart PC
    22 Gripen Sidewinder Foolhardy Dancer PC
    23 von Schnellenstein Cobra Mk4 IMS Stratus PC
    24 Mark44Notts Dolphin Insatiable Curiosity PC
    25 Jerek Viper Mk3 Redshift PC
    26 Ratblack Diamondback Explorer HMASS Beagle PC
    27 Zelryn Cobra Mk3 Maku San PC
    28 CrunchyBaton955 Imperial Courier Valkyrja Xbox
    29 Andi8P Imperial Eagle Minmir PC
    30 Vamp1r3 Diamondback Explorer R/V Trillion PC
    31 Science0 Imperial Courier CFN Momiji Xbox
    32 Damnos Cobra Mk3 PC
    33 ravstar52 Diamondback Explorer Stanley the Bold PC
    34 V4yporz Diamondback Explorer Grace Hopper Xbox
    35 MentalFS Diamondback Explorer Sieran PC
    36 DMC_RULEZ Diamondback Explorer HEART OF GOLD PC
    37 Smileyhood Cobra Mk3 Line of Communication PC
    38 summersa74 Diamondback Explorer Big Unit PC
    39 Silentsoul Adder Xbox
    40 Drazkul Dolphin T.F.S Star tours PC
    41 BrainProtest Vulture PC
    42 Cole Thorne Cobra Mk3 Anjura Xbox
    43 Talon Aeolus Imperial Courier Nimbus PC
    44 Shur-Khan Imperial Courier Penumbra PC
    45 Mors Caedes Diamondback Explorer Amber Spyglass Xbox
    46 Nex Nightlock Cobra Mk3 Tempete Noire Xbox
    47 Astrovenator Dolphin PFS Tacet Astra PC
    48 nouspiro Diamondback Explorer Kuroitsubasa PC
    49 Bert Pigeon Imperial Eagle Colonia Sprint PC
    50 Gaston Lagaffe Imperial Eagle Pygargue PC
    51 Acroci Cobra Mk4 Villeneuve PC
    52 Curse Paradox Diamondback Explorer Small Wonder PC
    53 Mini Valentine Diamondback Explorer Terror PC
    54 OldSpaceman X Diamondback Explorer Astra Inquestria Xbox
    55 brianpmack Eagle Overtime PC
    56 Arbitration Diamondback Explorer PC
    57 Professor7357 Diamondback Explorer Star Jumper Xbox
    58 Mysturji Diamondback Explorer Fnord PC
    59 Swis-21 Dolphin Cheap Trips PS4
    60 Parad0x1e Cobra Mk3 Ol' Faithful PC
    61 OhPif Imperial Courier Iris PC
    62 xTrem_Sheep Dolphin Pacific Shark PC
    63 Denalys Imperial Courier Small and cute PC
    64 Nic Kowalski Diamondback Explorer Meteor PC
    65 Reynolds Cobra Mk3 Ravigill's Hope PC
    66 Azzameen. Cobra Mk3 Sabra PC
    67 CMDR Fey Sky Diamondback Explorer Aisling’s Comet PC
    68 Buddy Ecola Imperial Courier Too Loud! PC
    69 Crabnab Diamondback Explorer Crab Legs [CR-LEG] PC
    70 MostlyAwol Viper Mk4 TBD PC
    71 Lensman Adder Skylark PC
    72 Trickylion Diamondback Explorer Bubble Hop Xbox
    73 CMDR Gandaar Cobra Mk3 PC
    74 Raijiin Dolphin PC
    75 TheWingmanEffect Adder The Cool Bus PC
    76 G.Filini Diamondback Explorer Omnis Arcanum PC
    77 jakjustice Diamondback Explorer magic s. bus PC
    78 Antallus Diamondback Explorer Pathfinder PC
    79 Gandaar Cobra Mk3 Opera House PC
    80 Aethelfrid Diamondback Explorer DSV Vespucci-A PC
    81 Allie Anarchy Sidewinder Other Ship Is A Beluga PC
    82 Sokenji Imperial Courier Ip-Config PC
    83 DocteurGui Viper Mk3 SS Madame de Pompadour PC
    84 ddrake1984 Sidewinder Flea PC
    85 Hanna Hunter Dolphin Rush Hours PC
    86 Wi1dcard Imperial Courier *InsertPunHere* PC
    87 SpaceLok Dolphin Le Star Gazer PC
    88 Lumrn Dolphin Flipper PC
    89 Cubanxdante Imperial Courier Canopus PS4
    90 isaidNO Dolphin Vagabond PC
    91 Noncreative Diamondback Explorer Not the Bigger Fish PC
    93 Isaac_kielof Diamondback Explorer SS ISAAC III PS4
    94 Babble Diamondback Explorer Helena PC
    95 Pendergast Diamondback Explorer Jiminy Cricket PC
    96 Adasha Diamondback Explorer Maeve Millay PC
    97 Pitchzer0 Viper Mk4 Stardust PC
    98 Starlancer Imperial Courier Neutron Blast PC
    99 notben Imperial Courier batoutahelius PC
    100 Jeffrey_Jones Hauler No_Joke PC
    101 MuhammadAbdulah Cobra Mk4 P.F.S. Wanderlust Xbox
    102 Madd Matt Frizzell Dolphin Superluminal Seapig PC
    103 2Dev Diamondback Explorer Your Ex PC
    104 Drake Carter Cobra Mk3 PC
    105 Sasha614 Cobra Mk3 Groovysnek PC
    106 Aquire-Ponies Diamondback Explorer Puddle Jumper PS4
    107 Hyperiana Dolphin VFCS YOUR PROBLEM NOW PC
    108 ToxicDeepeyes Cobra Mk3 Bromsgrove PS4
    109 Telic j Diamondback Explorer Bob Ross PC
    110 Alien Hunter PL Eagle Space Madness PC
    111 cominixo01 Diamondback Explorer PC
    112 Negitive Dolphin unaccepted length PC
    113 JumpOnYourDump Dolphin Gold Star V PC
    114 Whitmann Viper Mk4 Zopherus PC
    115 Dergell Diamondback Explorer Endless Wonders PC
    116 zz9pa Diamondback Explorer kate (short for bob) PC
    117 Brokon Dolphin Breviter PC
    118 Kazuie Diamondback Explorer THE SPACKO PC
    119 Hartbreak1 Diamondback Explorer Cousteau PS4
    120 Empress Kurumi Diamondback Explorer Such A Long Way Down Xbox
    121 Tali214 Courier USS Grand Rapids PC
    122 Likadion Diamondback Explorer Canem 1 PC
    123 ToouchSugar Diamondback Explorer Lost Nanny PS4
    124 Omega Weaver Diamondback Explorer Firefly PC
    125 SoulessScone Diamondback Explorer The Vagrant's Song PC
    126 Shofur Diamondback Explorer Raven’s Claw PC
    127 Volde Mort Diamondback Explorer PC
    128 keoq Diamondback Explorer Curious Dackel PC
    129 Hapac Imperial Courier AEDC MINNA PC
    130 Isania Diamondback Explorer Aeternitas PC
    131 MikkDC Diamondback Explorer Voyager PS4
    133 Johnson Sky Dolphin Domeo PC
    134 Doughnut glaze Diamondback Explorer The Copernicus PC
    135 PaleoGamer Dolphin Song of the Miskatonic PC
    136 cosporcos Diamondback Explorer PC
    137 majesticspace Diamondback Explorer Starhopper PC
    138 KomorNick Diamondback Explorer Star Bumper PC
    139 leolan Diamondback Explorer Pathfinder PC
    140 Zdenek-Joerg Diamondback Explorer Jumping Jack PC
    141 CMDR Tzandar The Great Diamondback Explorer Mr. Steven PC
    142 Cynical Squirrel Eagle Per Vinum Ad Astra PC
    143 B.E.N Diamondback Scout Ishmael PC
    144 jm5446 Diamondback Explorer A.C.S. Vinland Xbox
    145 PalConX Cobra Mk3 Let's Go Xbox
    146 Shadowtracker Diamondback Explorer TRASHYBOI PC
    147 Capt. Ragnarok Diamondback Explorer Anakalypsi PC
    148 Ashley Folsca Diamondback Explorer Red Meridian PC
    149 ZeroWingsX Diamondback Scout PBSF Stinger PC
    150 Fwapa'Durp Hauler Turbo Taxi 01 PC
    151 Rockmusic15599 Diamondback Explorer Shipwreck PC
    152 just-prompt-iguess Diamondback Explorer Firesplorer PC
    153 KonoDragon Diamondback Explorer Cold Blooded PC
    154 Davri Anders Cobra Mk4 Tweepadock PC
    155 Shikra al-Qamar Vulture SS Nekheny PC
    156 CPT. CHUBBY Diamondback Explorer USS CHUBBY PC
    157 SerafinWar Diamondback Explorer Wildcat PS4
    158 Aniril Diamondback Explorer Curious Firefly PC
    159 CCMaverick Diamondback Explorer Truth PC
    160 Metsys Hauler USS Exigeous PC
    161 I426Hemi Diamondback Explorer Event Horizon PS4
    162 ClemTol Diamondback Explorer Norfolk & Wei-Pal PC
    163 Silencer_X Diamondback Explorer Pudgey PC
    164 Green Ssnake Diamondback Explorer Hecacopter PC
    165 PALOCHKIN Diamondback Explorer USF 'KIEV' PC
    166 Stupiddingo Diamondback Explorer Planet Express PC
    167 killimanjaro Diamondback Explorer PC
    168 Philip Bannor Diamondback Explorer Traveller PC
    169 WR3ND Vulture The Ronin PC
    170 ACE_J_RIMMER Diamondback Explorer Diamondback Explorer PC
    171 CMDR Tydi Diamondback Explorer PC
    172 Reifier Viper Mk4 I am AI PC
    173 AlexNitrof Diamondback Explorer Frank PC
    174 BreezyTrees Cobra Mk3 PC
    175 Wuddel Cobra Mk3 Heisenberg PC
    176 Rancore202 Dolphin Stardrop PC
    177 Baberbot Diamondback Explorer Winged_One PC
    178 Toynt Cobra Mk4 Star Raider PC
    179 CMDR ThunderFish Imperial Eagle FishTrek PC
    180 Supernova_120303 Diamondback Explorer Enigma PS4
    181 Plexus Ironrot Adder PC
    182 Agent Vecta Diamondback Explorer Rat King Xbox
    183 AlienTermite Sidewinder Winder of Sides PC
    184 Dayglo Viking Diamondback Explorer PC
    185 buxton Diamondback Explorer endevour PC
    186 scithius Viper Mk4 Paladin PS4
    187 Chundaman Diamondback Explorer Sparkler PC
    188 Werdna Diamondback Explorer Oooh Shiny PC
    189 Mr McBride Cobra Mk3 [LNMH] Falcon PC
    190 Cornpone Viper Mk4 Dutch Treat Xbox
    191 Castilla Diamondback Explorer Aquila PC
    192 Viridian Cobra Mk3 RCN Larkspur PC
    193 Marhawk Diamondback Explorer SWE#3 PC
    194 aymeric45 Diamondback Explorer ay PC
    195 Deshaan Diamondback Explorer The Gathering PC
    196 Alan Hutchins Imperial Courier Intrepid PC
    197 CMDR Droslash Eagle Utopian Voyager PC
    198 Ulaidian Dolphin Xbox
    199 Deon Jonker Diamondback Explorer Gally PC
    200 Hemsky Cobra Mk3 Geist PC
    201 CMDR PAVLOCK Diamondback Explorer The cobalt expedition PC
    202 Roloen Dolphin Modena PC
    203 Jack Lis Dolphin PC
    204 Chris Birch Adder FSS Armstrong PC
    205 An0mal0us Diamondback Explorer Transient State PC
    206 M4RC31 Dolphin MMS THE FISHY CAT PC
    207 Trevor Dimensio Diamondback Explorer Roaming Rodent PC
    208 Daniel Cloudsifter Diamondback Explorer Bumblebee PC
    210 Linn H Kruger Diamondback Explorer Posbi PC
    211 Gamma835 Diamondback Explorer Curious Nutshell PC
    212 Revengex Explorer Cobra Mk3 She's Got Issues PC
    213 ZenTaff Diamondback Explorer Gravitas Free Zone PC
    214 Fenrock Cobra Mk4 [LNMH] FENROCK PC
    215 NanoFreak Diamondback Explorer Viridi PC
    216 Jim Wolfe Diamondback Explorer Scarpia PC
    217 Darklord_Khalade Diamondback Explorer PC
    218 Jackal Stomper Diamondback Explorer Amadeus PC
    219 Durousseau Diamondback Explorer ISV Robert Cavelier PC
    220 Curious fish Cobra Mk3 starlight PC
    221 Ambulatoryapesuit Cobra Mk4 The Somnambulist PC
    222 Kermit Kong Diamondback Explorer Donkey Kong PC
    223 Qohen Leth Cobra Mk3 Clear Air Turbulence PC
    224 Max Ter Imperial Courier Heat is ON PC
    225 STARLORDROBIN Diamondback Explorer No Name Yet PC
    226 PhenolbarbBQ Imperial Courier South Mouth PS4
    227 Shake N' Bake Sidewinder Sidewinder PC
    228 Far Creeper Dragon Diamondback Explorer Pandora PC
    229 Narencjusz Diamondback Explorer Pidgeon of Steel PS4
    230 Reverend_Revamp Diamondback Explorer Watchmaker PS4
    231 TheremHarth Diamondback Explorer Sober Counsel PS4
    232 Edelgard von Rhein Adder Swept Under the Carpet PC
    233 bbbilly05 Imperial Courier ickyBB PC
    234 ATLAS-M89 Imperial Courier Love PS4
    235 Zairoks Diamondback Explorer TUA - KASIF 2 PC
    236 Gloopy Sidewinder PC
    237 JollyRoger1516 Diamondback Explorer Little Firefly PC
    238 Mattbert Imperial Courier Xiphias Gladius PC
    239 Jack Wilmslow Diamondback Explorer Magellan PC
    240 Adidane Cobra Mk4 First Aid Kit PC
    241 CMDR NothingsReal Diamondback Explorer FNV AURA PC
    242 Wereotter Diamondback Explorer DAUNTLESS PC
    243 SoulStorme Diamondback Explorer SS Storme's Edge PC
    244 Deluxeknight831 Diamondback Explorer Ladybug Xbox
    245 Gargula41-N Diamondback Explorer RV-Khepri PC
    246 DrWer Diamondback Explorer Fernspaeher PC
    247 GerUA Diamondback Explorer [UR-136] Klim Churyumov PC
    248 Gabaldon Diamondback Explorer Asp Explorer PC
    249 AHappyClownFish Imperial Courier PC
    250 Leske Diamondback Explorer Caelestis PC
    251 Aaron 1810 Imperial Courier Veni Vidi Vici PC
    252 Kilow The Avali Adder Scooty Puff Jr. PC
    253 Satanschildnz Dolphin Top 1% Explorer PC
    254 Kuarup Diamondback Explorer Pilgrim PC
    255 Snowymonk Diamondback Explorer MSR MelIsseus PS4
    256 The Hut Diamondback Explorer PC
    257 Therao Diamondback Explorer Serenity PC
    258 CMDR Galactic Pancakes Diamondback Explorer Aquarius PC
    259 OrangeLion71 Diamondback Explorer Cool Runnings PS4
    260 Molen Adder NOT A SLAVE HAULER PC
    261 Ms Jenna Jameson Dolphin Deep Inside Jenna PC
    262 StoicJ Sidewinder Pancake PC
    263 MrIceCream Multicrew Olsen PC
    264 Repairman Patch Dolphin SWE3 Support PS4
    265 Franken Imperial Courier Enne kleene Muh PC
    266 Frontier96 Diamondback Explorer Velocity PC
    267 WindWpn Cobra Mk3 Hatteras II PC
    268 Killer A Diamondback Explorer Glamdring PC
    269 Minicop55 Diamondback Explorer THE PC
    270 Azumi314 Diamondback Explorer Abnoba PC
    271 Falco Accipitridae Diamondback Explorer My Friend Friday PC
    272 ANDREWWWOLF Diamondback Explorer GOBLIN EXPLORER PC
    273 RealStarWarrior Diamondback Explorer THE SKRUNGLEBACK PC
    274 FrozenRaptor Dolphin Ratatöskr PC
    275 F8TL_FURY Diamondback Explorer S.A.S Hornet PS4
    276 BurntJello Imperial Courier Rabbit PC
    277 Nolan Zoga Cobra Mk4 Lonrach PC
    278 Gnosticyoyo Diamondback Explorer Flavor Packet PC
    279 Azel_god_of_tras Diamondback Explorer Zarasthustra PS4
    280 voodou24 Diamondback Scout Witch Hunter PC
    281 Guy De Lombard Diamondback Explorer Somewhere Else PC
    282 Lokka Imperial Courier PC
    283 Dice_Box Diamondback Explorer Dysfunctional Pit Stop PC
    284 Dragonxray Imperial Courier PC
    285 WorshipCrom Imperial Courier What is best in life? PC
    286 rOmiLaYu Sidewinder Pernicious Oaf Xbox
    287 Eridani5 Cobra Mk3 ROGUE GYPSY PC
    288 Bladigan Diamondback Explorer Dolphin PC
    289 24stdzocker Dolphin Hermes PC
    290 The_Daley Dolphin Glass Bullet PC
    291 Geezeuk Diamondback Explorer Elysium Pilgrim PS4
    292 Aslo Viper Mk4 PC
    293 Willmysta Diamondback Explorer Little Explorer PS4
    294 DrPlant Diamondback Explorer Zap PS4
    295 Falsenegative1 Diamondback Explorer PC
    296 Kuiper B. Jr. Diamondback Explorer Unity PC
    297 Fusyoo Diamondback Explorer INV Lightseeker PC
    298 Farran Diamondback Explorer Terrier PC
    299 A_Fuzzy_Velociraptor Dolphin I DID IT ON PORPOISE PC
    300 mostlyhybrid Cobra Mk3 Bemidji PC
    301 Tado Chip Diamondback Explorer Tadesplorer PC
    302 Napalm Goat Cobra Mk3 Vodka Burner PC
    303 MWAV3 Diamondback Explorer - PC
    304 Fragmastre Imperial Courier Small But Deadly PC
    305 Niner_D Cobra Mk3 Patriot Assault Pony PC
    306 Timnus Diamondback Explorer PA Exploring PC
    307 Veira Diamondback Explorer PC
    308 Wurzelgnom71 Diamondback Explorer FullSteamSpacemachine Xbox
    309 Jaxion Light Diamondback Explorer HumbleBee PC
    310 lego addictus Cobra Mk4 dse pytheas PC
    311 Exigeous Imperial Eagle USS Jumptastic PC
    312 M3rlin Cobra Mk4 Repair Rat IV PC
    313 WKD Diamondback Explorer Smol Silver Arrow PC
    314 3d plague Cobra Mk3 Halve Maen PC
    315 Zeroomega Diamondback Explorer LRSV Long Island PC
    316 CMDR V4yporz Diamondback Explorer The Grace Hopper Xbox
    317 Vertigo-01 Cobra Mk3 Marisa Kirisame PC
    318 MrOriginality Imperial Courier Which way to sol PC
    319 Cmdr_Akkaden Diamondback Explorer Myosin IV PC
    320 Wylie28 Dolphin Fragment of Hope PC
    321 Fitzypyro Vulture THE GUNRUNNER MK.II PC
    322 Proxers Dolphin Blastwave PC
    323 Rudi Raumkraut Dolphin The Lundgren PC
    324 ASHA Varx Dolphin Kalopsia PC
    325 CMDR Red Dog 1 Dolphin Arion PC
    326 Ma-Ne Dolphin Aeternitas PC
    327 Masmai Diamondback Explorer Cicada II PC
    328 boni58 Diamondback Explorer PATANYSKA X PC
    329 FlaviusUrsus Diamondback Explorer ARCTIC TERN II PC
    330 Amberzilla Diamondback Explorer Endeavor PC
    331 Drumstik67 Diamondback Explorer Destiny PS4
    332 Gale Harte Diamondback Explorer Serenity PC
    333 Terren Diamondback Explorer The Wayfinder PC
    334 Toys0125 Diamondback Explorer DragonBack PC
    335 Ziltoid T. Omniscient Diamondback Explorer SWE3 - HAWKING'S REACH PC
    336 Hazara Imperial Courier Bad Planning PC
    337 Generalwasted Diamondback Explorer Sun Stripper PS4
    338 Mfh.Deadpooled Diamondback Explorer Dbxploder PC
    339 kaokki Dolphin thruxton PC
    340 Mishonee Diamondback Explorer The Royal Chariot PC
    341 ldo Diamondback Explorer beagldo PC
    342 POTTSYDOG Diamondback Explorer MR FRISKY PC
    343 Yekanzar Dolphin Little Dolphin PC
    344 Darks shadow Imperial Courier Cuttlery PC
    345 B. A. Baracus Cobra Mk3 Cat's Meow PC
    346 crowmagna Diamondback Explorer SS Teasle PC
    347 Henry Gondorff Cobra Mk3 PC
    348 Menta-Poleo Hauler The Economist PS4
    349 Kevicii Cobra Mk3 Shadowfax PC
    350 Ulmega Diamondback Explorer Richomekwuan PC
    351 Mouton Cobra Mk3 Star-Sheep PC
    352 Lolofwarcraft Dolphin Marvin 666 PC
    353 Killga_NG Imperial Eagle Blitz PS4
    354 SoulJaffa42 Cobra Mk3 Avalonia Xbox
    355 sim wilks Diamondback Explorer SPATIUM PC
    356 Autoculto Diamondback Explorer Dads taxi PS4
    357 Enoch the Root Diamondback Explorer Odalisque PC
    358 Love Plug Diamondback Explorer Boomer II PC
    359 Xylithith Diamondback Explorer Black Hole Butler PC
    360 LeeNado Diamondback Explorer LeeNado PC
    361 Mutzli2 Imperial Courier Kinchahau PC
    362 CMDR Igor Rock Diamondback Explorer RCS Long Voyage PC
    363 Rackand Eagle Locust Five PC
    364 bruspal Diamondback Explorer Bouik kek kek kek II PC
    365 Cova Adder Montressor PC
    366 RunningGhost Cobra Mk3 Celestial Wanderer PC
    367 Daniel3586 Imperial Courier White Destiny PC
    368 Nhi Vanye i Chya Viper Mk4 Arthur C Clarke PC
    369 Pivucho Diamondback Explorer GRASSHOPPER PC
    370 littleronnie Diamondback Explorer SM3 PANCAKE PS4
    371 d3vnull Cobra Mk3 MY 2ND SHIP IS COBRA 2 PC
    372 Gobba Diamondback Explorer Gobmond explorer PC
    373 Cryptoplum Diamondback Explorer Pale Black Dot PC
    374 Merlin.Starlord Diamondback Explorer Jules Verne PC
    375 Burnboy90210 Diamondback Explorer Albatross One PS4
    376 Nuraldin Diamondback Explorer Jutul PC
    377 gergguy Diamondback Explorer Osprey-5 PC
    378 DeadDerezer Cobra Mk3 Midlothian Xbox
    379 DoomedRumble40 Diamondback Explorer Abeona PS4
    380 Cromptown Adder Scopuli PC
    381 wedjininja Sidewinder PC
    382 Lance 'Spacecat' D. Dolphin Dashing Rifter PC
    383 Barke Diamondback Explorer Runaway PC
    384 Saint_rho Diamondback Explorer PC
    385 Either Diamondback Explorer Bumblebee PC
    386 Sopeln Diamondback Explorer Star Runner PC
    387 Ar Meisce Diamondback Explorer SCREW THE BUBBLE PC
    388 Fred Rogers Cobra Mk3 The Starry Waters PC
    389 Bobbydacat Diamondback Explorer Curiosity PC
    390 Odinoco Cobra Mk3 Umbra PC
    391 Eikoop Imperial Courier Eikoop PC
    392 Kosmetas Viper Mk3 Sesquipedalia PC
    393 Bladesmyth Cobra Mk3 In Memoriam PC
    394 PoeticSage16 Imperial Eagle Sonic Xbox
    395 KSY Imperial Courier Explorer PC
    396 Wrathundiond Diamondback Scout Alfrex PC
    397 Chris_02 Cobra Mk3 Firestorm PC
    398 valentinakerman Diamondback Explorer Yawning Angel PC
    399 Balathor Cobra Mk3 Lorelie PC
    400 Alcrabist Sidewinder PC
    401 Bees? Diamondback Explorer PC
    402 Jaxer Wolf Diamondback Explorer Sacagawea PC
    403 Eremeir Graywood Diamondback Explorer Moriad PC
    404 Rett_ Diamondback Explorer Ishimaru PC
    405 Delta19k Imperial Eagle Angel PC
    406 monsue Hauler the fat fish PC
    407 Mike C. Diamondback Explorer Diana PC
    408 Saberific Imperial Courier PC
    409 Bronze_42 Diamondback Explorer Avionic Anthrax PC
    410 Scardrough Diamondback Explorer PC
    411 Sakanax Diamondback Explorer PC
    412 shipy mcshipface Imperial Courier Ship PC
    413 KorVla Hauler S.S. Curious PC
    414 xBlue_Dragonxx Dolphin White Van PS4
    415 Attashetta Trancer Diamondback Explorer Expedition 3 PC
    416 Team ENGLISH Dolphin At the Mercy of Wind Xbox
    417 zeroempathyzero Cobra Mk3 Orange Crush PS4
    418 Beepcycles Diamondback Explorer PC
    419 Noam C Diamondback Explorer RAVEN PC
    420 jdb-176 Sidewinder Molten Fury PS4
    421 MacKiel Diamondback Explorer Polaris PC
    422 CMDR PIVE Diamondback Explorer GRASSHOPPER PC
    423 Neroven Dolphin Bubbles PC
    424 Lochcelious Diamondback Explorer Anomaly PC
    425 Pikos Azu Diamondback Explorer - PC
    426 thekillerofhell2 Cobra Mk3 PC
    427 Andrew SPARX Diamondback Explorer SPARX DBX PC
    428 Sheqel Dolphin Seventh Kind PC
    429 Raptor-1 Eagle SWE3 Eagle-1 PC
    430 Hand Banana Dolphin Kepler PC
    431 Amalightman Hauler Xbox
    432 ready player one Diamondback Scout the hebrew hamber PC
    433 Bavianenvoer Diamondback Explorer Diamondback explorer PC
    434 Nyres Diamondback Explorer SHADOWHAWK PC
    435 Teejaye85 Diamondback Explorer TBD PC
    436 Calvisia Aqulia Cobra Mk3 Das Boot PC
    437 Ender909 Dolphin Sanitarium Xbox
    438 Myself_st Cobra Mk4 PC
    439 CMDR BENJOE93 Sidewinder USS BunnyLandi PC
    440 calebbfoote Cobra Mk3 - PS4
    441 Raytracer38955 Imperial Courier PNV Mercury Xbox
    442 Troy Deacon Vulture Agrotora PC
    443 Ryenea Cobra Mk3 The Faith PC
    444 Cold Tallinn Adder Odyssey II PC
    445 zibadian Viper Mk4 It's a small world PC
    446 Woderik Cobra Mk3 Vorga PC
    447 Snowflake Obsidian Diamondback Explorer Diamond In The Sky PC
    448 Maywks Diamondback Explorer Planar Tracker PC
    449 StellarValkyrie Diamondback Explorer Odyssey PC
    450 idonolis Viper Mk3 albatross PC
    451 Grimo87 Diamondback Explorer PC
    452 Liondor22 Diamondback Explorer Steve Zissou PS4
    453 PsyPete Imperial Courier Curious PC
    454 Hazen Diamondback Explorer PC
    455 GreyPilgrim3 Cobra Mk3 Kevin Bacob PC
    456 GSTVasilyev Cobra Mk3 Survivor PC
    457 Roxsonix Imperial Courier INV MOONMIST PC
    458 Delta RC 2526 Dolphin PC
    459 WDX Imperial Eagle PC

    Provided by: EDSM - Elite: Dangerous Star Map

    Provided by: EDSM - Elite: Dangerous Star Map

    Provided by: EDSM - Elite: Dangerous Star Map

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    The final waypoint to Small Worlds 3 Expedition!

    SWE IRL, June 23, 2018
    National Museum of the USAF
    Dayton, Ohio
    1100 Spaatz St, Dayton, OH 45431 Hours 9AM-5PM


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    Neat! This seems like a very good excuse to get myself a Diamondback!

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    Pretty cool! Also a busy time of year for me, but I'll keep an eye on it here.

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    Can't wait! Still have my Diamondback Explorer from SWE1. Will be great taking her out again

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    Originally Posted by Orvidius View Post (Source)
    Pretty cool! Also a busy time of year for me, but I'll keep an eye on it here.
    Don't be too afraid, if you're in the bubble, it's an easy one, 3 weeks, and I believe the farthest out WP from the bubble is still shy of 3kLy so easy enough for anyone to join in!

    Certainly taking it easier this year.

    As always, looking to get people that don't know as much about the game to get in and learn about exploration, and the basics of purposeful ship builds!

    I as always am bringing a glass-cockpit. SWE1 was an Eagle, SWE2 an iEagle, and SWE3 I'm bringing a ludicrous jump range iCourier.

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    Can we edit our registration form after we fill it out? I opened the form and started filling it out but since I am not sure of the ship specs yet, I stopped..

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    Sexxxxey patch design as usual, XC.

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    This looks like fun, consider me signed up!

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    Are you going to show a screenshot highlighting the landing zones at each waypoint? It can be tricky to find a set of co-ordinates when you're doing this for the first time, so some guidance on finding that might also be helpful. Also, what is the surface gravity at each waypoint and are there any other hazards to consider, e.g. high temperatures on approach? I'm not sure if I can make the time to join but it looks like a good trip taking in some of the key highlights found near the bubble, so I wish you the best of luck with it o7

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    Originally Posted by Edelgard von Rhein View Post (Source)
    Are you going to show a screenshot highlighting the landing zones at each waypoint? It can be tricky to find a set of co-ordinates when you're doing this for the first time, so some guidance on finding that might also be helpful. Also, what is the surface gravity at each waypoint and are there any other hazards to consider, e.g. high temperatures on approach? I'm not sure if I can make the time to join but it looks like a good trip taking in some of the key highlights found near the bubble, so I wish you the best of luck with it o7
    Generally the first few who arrive at the waypoint by co-ordinates will offer to wing up with people arriving later, so they can locate the site via wing beacon.

    Most waypoints are, as far as I'm aware, quite safe.

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    The Fnord was left languishing in the hangar of Jaques Station for far too long, and since returning, has had little use.
    Signed up.

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    Just signed up with a Diamond X, and like probably many, this will be my first expedition. A nice shakedown while I'm preparing for DW2!

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    Originally Posted by Edelgard von Rhein View Post (Source)
    Are you going to show a screenshot highlighting the landing zones at each waypoint? It can be tricky to find a set of co-ordinates when you're doing this for the first time, so some guidance on finding that might also be helpful. Also, what is the surface gravity at each waypoint and are there any other hazards to consider, e.g. high temperatures on approach? I'm not sure if I can make the time to join but it looks like a good trip taking in some of the key highlights found near the bubble, so I wish you the best of luck with it o7
    Ah, you know what... caught me off-guard. Where'd my link go?! lol!!!

    The only thing I didn't add this time around is a gravity marker (I did for SWE1, but it didn't matter). This time around, however, we ARE visiting a high G, just to throw in the mix so some new explorers can learn how to deal with said situations.

    Here's the link; time to go fix up and update OP

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    I don't necessarily "represent" the Fuel Rats but I am an active Rat and will be bringing a DBX equipped with a Fuel Transfer Limpet Controller in case of Emergency.

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