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Thread: T.16000M One Euro Mod

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    T.16000M One Euro Mod

    Bought twenty of thoses for 1.07 on Ali, downsized them ...

    Found a old and long floppy disk ribbon cable, and soldered six of thoses switches parallel to the left side existent switches. Of course, I also had to fit some wooden wedges beneath to keep them still.

    I just wait for my second joystick to be delivered ...

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    Can't edit post ...

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    Interesting... What are you tying them to?

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    Originally Posted by Pville_Piper View Post (Source)
    Interesting... What are you tying them to?
    There are 12 buttons in the base - it sounds like one side is being doubled up.

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    They are duplicates of buttons 5 to 10 on the left side of the base.
    I wanted to keep it clean, so I didn't really add anything, just moved buttons from the base to the stick.
    The ones from the base are still working of course.

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    Ahhh... Makes sense, wouldn't mind doing that myself. I would like to have the gear and cargo bay up top and maybe the lights.

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    Last advice, don't do it with single-threaded wire, unless you really like resoldering everything

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