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i was aiming at something less tanky and punchy but faster, like https://s.orbis.zone/h37HnPUh. it's probably not going to work all too well but i'll see from there. and yes, i should put one tlb in there too, no doubt.

that's some fine flying and scary aim
No worries man

Yeah I like that! Thats clever man, ima look at using some of those tricks, always struggled with resistances vs weight, nice little work around there! 10/10.

Tbh the TLB is only there because people on the PS are pretty fond of thier missles lol, can out run them but better to keep the pressure up imo .

Thanks man! Fell in love with that ship because of that fight . Really hope FDev give us another fighter that handles like the MKIV but with gnarlier hardpoints and potentially better boost, the in-game lore permits a better ship than the Vipers with the same Size/Hit points/Moveset, only with bigger guns, the tech has clearly improved. (Challenger/Chieftan). They should just gimp it like they did the Vulture and give it a tiny PP.