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Thread: WHAAM! -- 100 Paintjob Concepts For Fun

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    WHAAM! -- 100 Paintjob Concepts For Fun

    WHAAM! -- 118 Paintjob Concepts For Fun


    I was bored, so I made a few paintjobs.
    I know not all ships are represented. For one, preparing a ship takes between 5 and 10 hours; times 31 that's a lot of time. Secondly, part of the ships are variations on each others.
    This is mostly 2-tone, 3-tone colour games on hull compositions, with a minority of complex and details paintjobs. I have a few ideas left, but I don't like it when things drag on for too long

    EDIT: You can download my 4K base files in the spoilers below (transparent .png + .psd with layer mask)

    EDIT 2: Added the Clipper pj.


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    Love the ones for the Conda, Chief and Vette. Hell, i might even get a Cutter and Python for those too!

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    Way too many cool ones to point out, but I am a sucker for those orange/black schemes and the racing themes, especially the Martini one is awesome.

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    There are actually more than one I'd buy in there. And at least two atrocious enough that might actually turn up in the store. Most are simply too well done for the store though.

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    I started to list them in my head with the intention of listing the ones i liked most here in my post. But there were too many.

    Nice work.

    Love Otari.

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    The orange and black 2 tone gradient for the vette is fantastic. I also like the stars on the Asp. Could see that on an explorer.

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    Pretty much every single one is more interesting than the official ones.

    Beautiful, Bernard!

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    Just amazing work Qohen, can't say which one i prefer (too many).
    But +1 for the Sébastien Bourdais (Le Mans Represent !!)

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    Awesome stuff right there, love especiually the type-6 paintjobs.

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    very good.
    I would like the Python Widower and the red/black 2-tone FDL.
    And the Otari and 2-tone carbon Python skins too.
    And the Chieftain mustang.

    And there are a dozen more I would buy.

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    Wow! These look really great! I'd buy a lot of these. +Rep

    To Frontier: Hire this guy! or buy these designs at least!

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    Somebody angling for a job doing skins? Seems like a great start to me

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    Frontier needs this guy!!

    Wonderful stuff, OP. Let them hire you and pump out those paintjobs.


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    Awesome.FD should hire you-)

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