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Thread: Screenie(s) v2...

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    Originally Posted by Faramir View Post (Source)
    Rare things (for mee). Moons inside the ring. 2moons inside, one - outside. Screenshots from outside moon. If you find something like this - write to me, please.
    Nice image! Please see this thread

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    Originally Posted by Baton View Post (Source)
    Nice shot

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    Originally Posted by DR Grandreefer View Post (Source)
    Can you find the Cutter?
    This image would deserve to be in large format

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    Welcome to planet Hulk:

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    Lookiiiing for life....

    This time with more luck :)

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    3 days of movies, youtube and jumping like a bat out of hell, And the Turd Cutter has arrived in Ratraii of the Colonia Nebula. Now for some much needed R+R before heading out to the core to find the shiny stuff

    Cmdr ST4R F0X

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    Originally Posted by Roeni View Post (Source)
    Welcome to planet Hulk:
    The Incredible Hulk

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    Originally Posted by dnfx91 View Post (Source)
    First time out exploring in a Cutter, i'm forcing myself to like it
    Don't half look good though eh ?

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    Just pulled into Jaques Station this afternoon. 22,000LY 4 Undiscovered ELW's and countless other first discovered.

    Really needed a paint job and some integrity repairs!

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    Couple quick ones, no time for editing, so just Imgur with it's bad compression

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    Just some old picture of a random listening post. Heavily edited. Several layers of sharpening create this effect. I kinda like it.