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Thread: What song are you listening to right now :)

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    Well, "Black Coffee", by 'All Saints' (especially when I am out in the Black), or "Thunderstruck" by 'AC/DC' when flying around a RES site in The Helping Hand.

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    I was lucky enough to see PT live a couple of times... what a mighty band.

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    Mafia 3 Soundtrack. The other distraction in my gaming life.

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    I've had this track running through my head for some days. It appears here in a McDonald's (no, I don't eat McDonald's!) tv commercial and I can't get it out of my mind:

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    I like "Girlfriend" by Christine and the Queens

    Good choreography too

    Excellent sound too

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    Maybe I should play a little bit of Skyrim again.

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    Originally Posted by Manticore View Post (Source)
    Sounds great!

    Here is the whole concert

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    Sci-Fi themed metal.

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    Someone needs to educate you people, might as well be me

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    Welcome to the machine.