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Thread: Hello all, new old (51) guy here :)

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    Travels and misadventures of Lieutenant Dan :)

    (Thread title updated from 'Hello all, new old guy (51) here

    I'd like to start by thanking this community and it's wonderfully informative posts/members for helping me get a start on this game.

    I've been playing on Xbox One X for several weeks now and I've become a bit of an addict....I'm even making this post from work on my lunch hour lol.

    Thanks also to several great youtubers out there that have helped me sort this game out. It's been said a lot, but this game has a pretty blunt learning curve for the unitiated, and a big dose of how do I start, what do I want to do???

    So, I've been reading a lot here, especially in this Newcomers Forum, as well as just googling my questions and follow the links to discussions here or reddit.

    Started with my Sidewinder of course, and did some really basic things like data runs to start and earn money and experience, get used to flying and landing/docking. The tutorial/trainers in the game are excellent for letting you taste a bit of mining, fighting, SRV useage, etc and so can help one decide what one might want to focus on for awhile.

    Then I went to Brani and did some RES work to start earning that money! Over the course of that, I continued to learn more, and take side trips and do other things. I'd like to focus on exploration. I also really enjoy 'bussing' in my Dolphin (which I'm doing at LQ Hydrae/Rhea) a LOT.

    I have a plan that my next ship will be an Asp X that's kitted out for exploration (love that program that lets you tinker with that BTW (EDIT: Coriolis), do that and odd hauls for a bit, with bussing in my Dolphin mixed in. Then I will work for an Orca so I have a BIGGER bus (but stop there, no Beluga for me). Eventually get a Conda for extreme exploration and multipurpose but that's a long way down the line from where I am.

    EDIT, 5-10-2018: Okay I may have literally SAID I don't want a Beluga, but I didn't literally MEAN it. It's happening a ship or two from now LOL

    Anyway, thank you again to everyone here and all those wonderful and inspiring youtubes. Thank goodness for the internet with a game this deep and steep!

    Bit about me: I'm 51, work in customer service, have 5 kids (all grown), love movies and videogames (still a 22 year old inside), love sci-fi and am fascinated by space. Too bad I can't math or I would have gone into astronomy.

    One more sidenote then I'll shuddup for this post! I was flying from 64 Arteris (sp?) last night and dropped out of FSD in front of a neutron star; about crapped my pants!

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    Welcome to the forums and the galaxy, CMDR!

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    Welcome commander. (54) Nice to see another silver cmdr. Especially on xbox. See you in the black!

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    Welcome Commander, good to have you with us!
    Fly safe, o7

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    Welcome Lieutenant Dan and farewell.


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    Welcome CMDR enjoy the black for its beauty or its heartlessness either one will take you places o7 fly safe and watch that mail slot.

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    Welcome Commander Lieutenant Dan

    From a fellow (61) commander. Watch your six!


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    Originally Posted by C4R1TON View Post (Source)
    Welcome commander. (54) Nice to see another silver cmdr.
    You are not the only one's (59) - I guess there are many, which played already ELITE in the past on the old home computers like C 64, etc...

    Welcome. Lt. Dan.

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    Got you all beat - 62 next week, played the original elite on my Amstrad CPC 64, back in the day, with my then 8yr old son, not that he got much of a look in. Welcome to the forums and the game, and don't take too much notice of the moaners and groaners on here - enjoy

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    Welcome, if you fancy joining a player group there's one specifically for grumpy old men called the G.O.M collective.

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    Only 51 years old.
    We're going to have to start a crèche.

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    Originally Posted by Maenden View Post (Source)
    Only 51 years old.
    We're going to have to start a crèche.

    Nursemaids as well

    Welcome to the game from a 70 year old Git!

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    Originally Posted by SlackAlice View Post (Source)
    Nursemaids as well

    Welcome to the game from a 70 year old Git!
    Slack Alice... how's Everard and have you seen him lately?

    You're probably sick of that one by mow...

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