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Thread: Why did you pick your user name?

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    Why did you pick your user name?

    So I've seen some great user names on the forum, seen some odd ones, funny ones and ones I have absolutely no clue about.
    And curiosity has now gotten the best of me.

    How/Why did you pick your user name?

    I'll go first;

    Mine has nothing to do with horses, I've only ever been on a horse once and swore never again.
    I like my modes of transport to have a brake and not have a mind of its own.

    My name came from a joke years ago when I first started on CB Radio.
    Being a shy 16 year old at the time, I was a tad jittery over speaking to random strangers, so I figured a "handle" that could be used as an ice breaker would help.

    So I went with "The Jockey". Which was the product of a dirty joke, to break the ice.
    I jumped into the main chat channel, shout up "The Jockey" and as I expected, I hear someone ask "Who's The Jockey", which I replied, "depends who's on top".
    Next thing I hear is laughter over the air, from several people at once.

    It seemed like a natural transition when I got my first PC and went online to keep the nickname, though I lost the "The".

    If folks don't mind sharing, I'd love to read how and why you use the name you do.


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    Mine has a religious background.
    I will try to formulate as neutral as possible.
    I was brought up as a christian in a small religious community and had to 'fight' to get rid of my unfounded christian superstitions.
    Even though I have been a non-believer for close to 45 years now, my religious childhood indoctrination still haunts me sometimes.
    I have been using variations on the name Iscariot/Iskariot (the one that betrayed his god, because he had no choice) for many decades now.

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    mine is boring, the same name I use for everything, the last four letters of my surname backwards . Used it online since 1998 ... Surname is STOKES, although I did play in a wing once with a chap fromm Scandanavia who told me that 'seko' meant crazy in his language, so I quite like that

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    While I was waiting for ED to download the very first time, I spent the time cataloging some of the photos I had recently taken on holiday in Italy.

    One picture I particularly liked was a lizard who was drinking out of a lemon in a grove next to a limoncello factory in Sorento.

    Here is the picture:

    My avatar came later, then evolved. Based on a character in Babylon 5, General Na'Tok, played by actor Robin Sachs, who sadly has died since B5 aired.

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    Mine started with a different game a long time ago in a galaxy not far away. Galactic Civilizations II's leader of the Terran Alliance was named Alan Bradley.

    My primary jab back then was to program Programmable Logic Controllers, one of which was Allen Bradley. Their biggest competitor at the time was Modicon. Since I played the Terran's nemesis, the Drengin, I took the name MottiKhan.

    I brought it over to the ED dimension of the multiverse.

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    Khaos Inc. was one of the names for one of the side bands I had when I was younger. It never made it as a name, but I liked the sound of it. So I combined it with one of the songs back in that era that I used to listen to from G.B.H. called "Drug Party in 526" and ta-da, my name that I have used for ages...

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    Mine is the name of my Thief, from Ultima Online. I use it in case any old guildmates happen by.

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    I picked my username at random. Just a first thing that came to mind when I was signing up.

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    I have used this very same nick in games for the last 30 years, so naturally it got to Elite also. I have been thinking of changing my ingame nick for something more "immersive", but dont know if i really want to do that..

    <-- This is a nickname from my real name (Henri) and my birth year. Very imaginitive.

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    Got mine from a anime called Aoki Hagane no Arpeggio(Arpeggio of Blue Steel). its a mix of 2 ships Kongou and Akashi. Kongou was my favorite character in the show and Akashi was her repair ship

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    Elite Global Moderator Jenner's Avatar
    "Jenner" was the name of the villain in the book "Mrs Frisby and the Rats of NIMH" - a fav movie and book of mine when I was a kid.

    Dunno why I originally picked it, but I've been using it or variations on it everywhere since the 90s when I made my first account online.

    What can I say? I like my cartoons.

    It's cool to see why y'all picked the names you did.

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    Captain Willard from the movie Apocalypse now. The avatar sez it all.

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    Lokvette came about when I was making a new account in SWTOR about 5 years ago just made the name up she was a true blood Sith.

    I have many names for games depending on if they are good or bad.

    My main nick since I was 13 has been Lordopic which came about when I thought I was going to write the next LOR. Also used Lapluie, a take on an ex's name and GBH(dead) a charcter from the UK Sci Fi comic 2000 AD

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    Mine comes from the 1970's prog-rock record label owned (at that time) by Emerson, Lake and Palmer.... Manticore Records.

    I've been using it as an online handle since the 1990's.

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