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Thread: [Expedition] The Outer Rim Station Tour

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    Originally Posted by BurntJello View Post (Source)
    It was a Krait, with blue exhaust.
    I don't know if one of the other Kraits there had blue exhaust, otherwise I'd say that might be me. But I didn't feel a bump.

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    And Episode 4 is here now:

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    Originally Posted by Dr. Nagi View Post (Source)
    And Episode 4 is here now:
    Hahaha! I like that you caught that moment where I was having fun keeping my type-6 in the small circular hole of the station... then bump the Great A'tuin right on the nameplate.

    Ohhh, and that mass jump when you were just after everyone, beautiful!

    Good show on ep 4!

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    Approaching Hind Mine...

    On approach to Hind Mine I snapped this one...

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    And the tour is done, much fun was had... Even had some formation flying as a last meetup. A surprisingly symmetrical V-wing!

    I've also asked the commanders on the expedition to share what they feel is their best picture of the whole expedition. Mine was shown earlier, a triple sunrise over ELW near the rosette nebula...

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    The Last Jump

    So, here we are at the last jump in the T Tauri system...

    ...and from the side...

    ...and now to bed. I start the long journey home tomorrow, but meanwhile I have a landing spot with a lovely view... Goodnight all!

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    Conda go boom!

    WP11 (early):

    WP11 (later):

    Best image was taken 2018-07-25:

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    Favorite Shot of the Tour

    Forgive the repost, but I think this is my favorite -

    Approaching Sagan Research Centre - "Adrift in a Colourful Void".

    ...but if I absolutely positively have to choose another one, it'd be this: *

    The Flaming Star Nebula from a nearby system.

    *Note:That is, until I find a better one in my collection that i've missed!

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    And a video of ALL waypoint mass jumps:

    I had to splice together 22 videos for that.

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    My photo journal of the expedition is complete. The resolution of the photos improves in the fifth one.

    It's really hard to pick a favourite photo. I think my favourite views were as we passed close to Barnard's Loop, with so many distinctive nebulae visible.

    But that was before I stopped using steam for my screenshots. Probably the best shot I took was the very last one. I was returning to the tourist beacon in T Tauri to wait for the late meetup - which I missed.

    And I had to include my favourite group shot too.

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    Thanks for a wonderful expedition. I never knew that there were these types of stations!

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    Episode 5 is here! The best one so far in my opinion.

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    I finally managed to find the forum thread for our expedition.
    For those not on the Discord here is the photo album I made during the expedition.

    I had a great time.
    Fly safe, o7