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    Hello Commanders!

    Please Remember This thread is for feedback directed at developers, not other posters. Please post suggestions for improvements with this feature here.

    We are not likely to respond directly to posts in this thread, but that doesn’t make it any less useful – we will definitely be reading it!

    As per usual, we certainly can’t promise to action any suggestions and we’re mainly interested in ideas that work with the feature rather than against it, in general, the more ideas we get, the better we can make the game.

    Again, this is also the place where you can add your voice of support for the feature, with qualifiers if necessary.

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    Right off the bat:
    We are currently considering capping Squadron membership at 250 Commanders, but we’re interested to hear your feedback on the matter.
    There are 24 registered player groups on Inara with over 250 members. Unless there's a technical reason for limiting squadron sizes, this seems like an unreasonable limitation.

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    Originally Posted by Adam Waite View Post (Source)
    Hello Commanders!

    Please Remember This thread is for feedback directed at developers, not other posters. Please post suggestions for improvements with this feature here.

    We are not likely to respond directly to posts in this thread, but that doesn’t make it any less useful – we will definitely be reading it!

    As per usual, we certainly can’t promise to action any suggestions and we’re mainly interested in ideas that work with the feature rather than against it, in general, the more ideas we get, the better we can make the game.

    Again, this is also the place where you can add your voice of support for the feature, with qualifiers if necessary.
    Hello Adam!
    as promised, I send my idea again.
    • I'm very grateful to you for giving a chance for community to discuss future of squadron-carrier mechanics.

      I've got some feature ideas on that matter, they are worth reading.
      1 - regarding squadrons, let's imagine what do we want of them in-game? Will them be something useful? If so, how to make them interesting? Obviously uniting players needs a goal. What could make of such goal? Let's overlook what exist in MMO gaming. In some games, like WoW, players forge guilds to beat dungeons and raids. In EVE Online, players are building corporations to benefit from common business ventures. In my opinion, squadrons should be focusing on EVE Online experience, such as: letting players to own properties, letting them to interact with properties of each other and properties of NPC factions, joining in attack and defense campaigns versus players and NPCs.
      What could the properties be?
      1 - refinery and mining business at planet surface or in belts.
      2 - generic factories to fill market with some regular wares.
      3 - outposts for support of exploratory initiatives in deep space.
      4 - military facilities to provide better protection for own faction.
      In other words, it would be cool if players finally become significant force in the economy simulation.
      Now regarding carriers.
      Let's go through all this again, what are they for, and how to make them interesting?
      A couple of ideas here:
      1 - probably they shouldn't be allowed to buy directly, as regular ships are. rather players should be able to initiate small CG for the squadron to deliver resources to the shipyard where their carrier is going to be built.
      2 - in my opinion,it would be great idea to allow carrier commanders, apart from revealed functionality, to invite dignitaries of other factions who would generate missions depending on hte nature of faction (military factions could generate missions to eliminate enemies, explorers like Canonn could ask for star chart mapping. Imagine the case, a carrrer jumps to the border system, the game reads parameters of the system and through faction dignitary starts offering missions for charting nearby systems).
      3 - there are some concept art of carriers and I'd like to see something like them in-game:
      4 - I'd personally like to see Majestic and Farragut classes as carriers for huge player fleets

      Just like the goal for creating a squadron, a resistance to Thargoids threat could be done.
      I realise that now scripting capabilities are very limited, or maybe you are interested in momentarily Thargoid attacks on stations? but as a player I could say that this holds no interest for me.
      A greater dynamics and interest could be brought into this war if players were allowed to retake stations from Thargoids before destruction
      (I realise now you're seeing destruction of stations as opening cans with swiss knife but is it possible to find any means for strengthening stations by the 4th quarter 2018?)
      How could this be done? Thargoids rush station X in the system Y, possibly even by random auto scripting, X sends a distress call, and until Thargoids deal with this station, players can try to engage for help.
      If player forces manage to drive Thargoids away when the station is still intact, they get a good reward. If they fail, Thargoids move to the next station in Y. This could create motivation for players to unite and be active in the game.
      Details about the squadrons.

      1. property
      I could suggest allowing players to enable mini community goal to gather resources for building properties of the following types:

      1 - mining facility or farm

      2 - refinery (for ore, agricultural products or something else -on the other hand, its functions may be combined with mining facility)

      3 - factory (produces something from ore or raw materials gathered in p.1)

    • 4 - marketplace (retail store)

      And the squadron itself could be used to protect these facilitie and attack adversaries.

      2 - how all this might function

      2.1 - player finds suitable spot and via special tab in UI arranges a CG for gathering resources and building mining, refinery or industrial facilities or either marketplace.

      2.2 after resouces are gathered (probably requirements should be far less than for stations) construction should begin.

      2.3 after the facility is ready, it starts working. e.g. if it's mining - a player hires some NPCs that can be assigned to the facility and then these NPCs fly in belts gathering ore to fill the warehouse of the facility.

      2.4 - NPC or players assigned to refinery or factory come with cargo ships and after paying sum1 = salary to NPCs or players of mining facility they could pick resources to move them to another facility (probably owned by same or even other player) (facility owner can divide margin from selling raw materials between salaries for NPC workers or other players who might assist in gathering resources or in upgrading the facility (if owner wants to widen the operation or even to build something new), cut that goes into squadron's budget and, finally, own profit.

      2.5 - refinery or factory from raw materials brought by NPCs or players from mining facility starts producing goods (varying presetted types from food to weapons). Its warehouse fills with product.

      2.6 - NPCs or players come from the marketplace and after paying (sum2 = sum1 + salary for NPCs and players) pick up the goods and carry them to marketplace.

      (factory owner can split the income in the same way as were previously described)

      2.7 marketplace brings goods for sale at a price (total = sum1+ sum2 +salaries)

      (marketplace owner can split the income in the same way as were previously described)

      3 - player can own a specific factory for producing food, weapons or medicines. in that case 2.1 - 2.4 are performed with exception: the game finds closest system with the need for these wares (e.g. in a state of epidemy or war) and generates missions for delivering these goods there. If the game finds a system in a state of famine it could start generating missions to deliver there food from food production plant.
      In these cases part of mission reward can be handled to player and remaining sum will be transferred to factory account.

      in my opinion this system can attract many players from other projects and it is flexible enough not to break the bgs .

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    Thank you Adam and Team - the Squadron Goals sounds really good.

    Here's some focused feedback:

    Edit: Not sure if this belongs in Suggestions or Detailed Requests? Assuming Suggestions is correct...


    I like the Relaxed tag, and being able set the UTC too as we meet-up at set times and it would be great for everyone to know what the default TZ used is.

    I'd also like to suggest a new tag, "Non-Explicit"

    We always livestream when we play, and our channel is a non-explicit one (i.e. no cursing or swearing because we are livestreaming to all audiences... including my grandkids.)

    Squadrons website:

    I would like to be able to update Squadron messages from web to help co-ordinate where to meet-up in-game on game night.

    It would also help to be able to send squadron invites, and accept new member join requests from the web (like during lunch break at work, etc)

    Thanks again,


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    My own feedback on what I'd like to see from Squadrons, and some which I think are absolutely vital.

    1 –Pledged Commanders.

    Ability for commanders to pledge or join the squadron. This would have to be accepted by moderators. If / when approved that pilot should be assigned an ID# (changeable by moderators) and have their faction listed on their scans along with Pilot and Ship name (exactly as with NPCs)

    2 – Ranking Structure

    Allowing for members to rank up, promoted by moderators. Points to note

    2.1 – If the faction leader is absent for a number of months, a member from the rank below will be made faction leader in their stead
    2.2 – All ranks should have customizable access options, so moderators can properly adjust what each rank can see / do
    2.3 – Rank names should be customizable.

    3 – Faction Bank

    A faction bank into which players can invest money. Points to note

    3.1 – Players should not be able to WITHDRAW money, apart from their own. The ability to withdraw funds you have donated should be removed a few hours after the donation
    3.2 – Funds could then be spent by the faction in a number of areas (by xx rank or above only)
    3.3 – Upgrading stations they own (better or creation of outfitting / shipyards)
    3.4 – Upgrading NPC security forces with better ships / weapons / ranks
    3.5 – Creation of new Starports / Capital Ships / Squadron Carriers
    3.6 – Faction upkeep
    3.7 – Expanding fleet numbers sent when fighting wars

    4 – Decals

    Members of the squadron (past XX rank) should be given access to the Faction’s Decal. Access to decals should be revoked if player suffers demotion / removal

    5 – Complete listing of star systems which the faction is present in.

    This should list all systems rather than just control systems and should list

    5.1 – Control Yes / No
    5.2 – Influence Percentage (and if rising or falling)
    5.3 – Current / Pending states(edited)

    7 – Private Group

    A private group for the Squadron should set up automatically (or have a yes / no option for setup in the Squadron hub settings) which would be members only. Would also be an idea to look at this having an option to have the group PvE only

    8 – Message of the Day

    An absolute must, with different ranks having access to different messages or messages with more content

    9 – Faction events

    A calendar with the option for members above xx rank to set up their own events and have them displayed in a calendar / list in the squadron hub. Events would pop up a comms message to squadron members (similar to galactic servers) 15 / 30 minutes before the event starts)

    10 – Awards

    Ability to give faction members awards / medals (customizable text). 5 or so medals would be great and give players something to work for and be proud of. Some basic options there with medals which could be given based on selectable player achievements (submit xxx bounties, trade xxx items etc)

    11 – Demerits

    Only available to much higher ranks, this system would allow squadron leaders to view trends over time, and allocate strikes / marks against pilots. This would allow squadrons to easily keep track of issues with members and see if any are causing more than their fair share

    13 – Faction news

    Members above XX rank have the ability to put forward news items via the squadron hub. These news items would then be visible in the starport services menu (with other galnet news items) in every port the faction owns(edited)

    14 – alliances

    A basic need is the ability to form alliances with other Squadrons. These other squadrons members should then be shown as green (or similar) to mark their friendly nature

    15- KOS

    A KOS list (likely renamed) which would give the ability to mark a player or entire squadron as wanted , hostile etc. in your systems. Security services may well pay more attention to these individuals. They would not be allowed to dock at stations the squadron owns. Their name would come up in red / orange on scans

    16 – Healing Beams

    Healing beams to work in healing capacity on all members of the squadron, regardless of wing.

    17 – Member’s Tab

    In the comms menu, a list of online members and current status, location, and rank

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    What is the minimum squadron size? (1 I hope - how would you start and grow them otherwise?)

    Are squadrons limited to official pmf's? (If so don't waste your time on a feature not accessible by all of the player base)

    Will fleet carriers grow in size and features with squadron size, or will it be tied to missions / mat grinding?

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    Squadron chat channel! Hallelujah!

    Additional suggestions:

    - Squad Inbox: Leverage the Inbox feature to allow squad officers and above to send messages to all members. This can be used for example as a call to arms as people are out and about, whereas the proposed MOTD feature on the squad page is more static and unlikely to change often (and people have to know to check it...)

    - Squad Exchange: Perhaps utilizing the Fleet Carrier, allow a place for squad members to add and remove components, equipment, etc. Leverage squad management tools to restrict what can be added or removed by any number of criteria such as value, class, type, quantity, etc.

    - Squad Livery: Allow ship livery options to denote squad membership and rank. In addition provide a tool to allow the squad leader to create a squad logo. (there are some DLC opportunities here...)

    - Squad Uniform: As above, for Holo-me appearance

    - Squad Home system/planet: Allow a squad to designate a home system, this is where the fleet carrier may be built for example and would create a permanent marker on member's galaxy maps so they always know where home is Perhaps also confer some nominal bonuses when operating in the home system, for example +2% to bounty payouts, or similar small bonuses on mission board rewards in that system, for example.

    Really looking forward to this feature. A very positive step towards in-game community building!

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    Completely second everything that PixelBandits mentioned above. Would just be repeating if i listen my suggestions.

    But one would be to have easily accessible links to external sites like INARA and Discord. Building off this, a external website was mentioned in the main post and for this you can maybe do something with discord itself. Most groups already use discord.

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    Can we have a free-text field to display to prospective members when they apply - so if there is anything we need to tell them / ask them to do we can add it here (things like if we want them to sign up to discord as well - best say upfront rather then leave them to sign up and find they don't want to).

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    I think that there needs to be more in the way of Squadron Ranks so that CMDR's can rank up as they do more for the squadron.

    Also more than one Squadron Leader we currently have 7 in a council system running our group, having only one wing leader seems limited considering the size of some of the in game player groups.

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    I have two big suggestions from what I've read so far:

    1 - Please, if at all possible technically, don't limit squadron size. I can see squadron's being very useful for large group activities, as a central point of communication and management. Limiting them to 250 would greatly impact this, especially to the detriment of people like me who are more relaxed about play and only play once or twice a week. In this, I also think about large group activities like Distant Worlds, which has many more than 250 players and would work very nicely with squadrons.

    2 - You should seriously consider allowing people to be members of more than one squadron. Other games have allowed this, and it has worked nicely. This seems especially well suited for Elite Dangerous. For example, I might join a squadron for explorers, another for a minor faction, and a third for Anti-Xeno operations. Elite dangerous has a serious problem right now that it is very hard for players to use in-game tools to coordinate activities. It would be really good to allow people to join multiple squadrons. I'm sure this brings up all kinds of other concerns, like two squadrons who are in conflict in a PvP sense maybe, but that can be handled by some UI to warn leaders about such players... or maybe a way to mark squadron relationships with other squadrons (like ally, or war) and not allow players to join two squadrons that are at war with each other, but do allow them to join two squadrons who are allies?


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    We are investigating the possibility of an external Squadrons website. We would love to hear what functionality you would like to see on a Squadrons website.
    We currently use a complex spreadsheet to commnunicate what tasks need doing and indicate who has done what - so we don't waste effort over-cooking a system that needs a light touch. So we'd like to be able to replicate this

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    I was hoping that Squadrons would have some sort of way to "pledge" to or create their own minor faction. It could also do with having some sort of "set an active mission" feature, similar to Inara, where the leadership is able the designate a goal for the squadron members. From the information that's currently available, aside from Fleet Carriers which we aren't allowed to talk about, it doesn't seem as if there's much of a point to Squadrons.

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    I only think that 250 members is too small.

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    If I join a Squadron, say I login one day and fancy some Solo play;

    1) Will I still be connected to the Squadron chat service?
    2) Can I still use the fleet carrier services while in Solo / PG?
    3) Will there be a "mute" button to halt all Squadron chat if I want some peace?

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