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    Originally Posted by Adam Waite View Post (Source)
    Only the most recent "message of the day" will be stickied. All others will be added to the feed as per normal. They will disappear off the bottom as with all other feed messages however.
    Thanks for sticking around to answer these. Will we be able to set up different tiers of permissions for our officers, or will the permissions just apply to all officers across the board? For example, it would be nice to have junior officers, senior officers, and so on. Larger organizations will probably want to set up more than three tiers of permissions. On a related note, are there plans to allow us to name our own ranks?

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    I think 250 is way to low. Digesting the rest - but this one is important.

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    Hi Adam,
    why not even single short answer on 250 members limit yet? I can see lot of same questions on this very low limit and I agree with complains, but the answer, or opening discussion is probably toxic?
    Thank you Adam

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    1) Will there be a Squadron Bank? Or any sort of shared resources?
    2) Will we be able to block an entire Squadron, as we can with individual players?

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    Will squadrons have any new activities to partake in? Or will it be the same things currently in game, but with shinier chat options?

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    Can we have any details on inter-squadorn relations? Hopefully since this focuses on the social aspect then we can get some details? Will factions be able to declare war on eachother? Become ally's?

    For more general questions:

    How will squadrons affect the bgs?

    What is the biggest goal that you all have with squadrons? I feel like answering this question could help a lot with giving feedback on the whole squadrons idea.

    Thank you very much!

    -CMDR X-desy

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    Materials and supplies need to be a thing that needs maintenance for the squadrons. Just having repairs and stuff to buy and fix your ship/s without consequence will remove some actual game play potential for the Squadrons.

    You could have Trucker players just bringing in materials just to keep the squadron running. Set membership fees as x many tonnes of materials or x bounties etc.

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    1. Will Squadrons have a minimum size when created?

    2. Can a player be member of multiple Squadrons at the same time?

    3. Apart from the fleet carrier (will be discussed another time, I know ), what are the "Squadron assets" that were mentioned? Will there be some kind of "squadron bank"?

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    Originally Posted by Adam Waite View Post (Source)

    Squadrons are not planned to be cross platform at this time.


    Just to clarify my previous point, it's not actually possible for us to support cross-platform for Squadrons (in the same way Wings are not cross-platform).

    I've updated my previous post to avoid any confusion.


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    Originally Posted by Adam Waite View Post (Source)

    Just to clarify my previous point, it's not actually possible for us to support cross-platform for Squadrons (in the same way Wings are not cross-platform).

    I've updated my previous post to avoid any confusion.

    My player group/minor faction is Planet Express will we be able to at least secure the squadron name across the 3 platform so only our members may register them?

    Will the name exclusivity also extend to fleet carriers so we don't have other factions using our sqaudron/player minir faction name on their fleet carrier?

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    So much to ask.

    I think the biggest question is what is the advantage? Will it be priced in such a way that small groups or individuals will be able to buy one? Will there be a purchasing option that takes a certain percent of your profits towards paying of a "loan" on the fleet carrier? Flyable? Could it be brought to combat? Store cargo? Can you contract A.I. to fly escort or conduct trade in the system the carrier is at? Can it dock with a station? Upkeep cost? Customization? What are the possible interactions with the universe?

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    Existing player groups / minor factions should have their name reserved to allow them to take it if wanted, this would stop others cashing in on the potential to trade squadrons for real world money.

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    For squad sizes and costs, would it be possible to have a low basic cost for a small squadron (such as up to 4 pilots), but with the option of the squadron members pouring additional credits into the squadron to increase size?

    For example, a minimalist 1-wing squadron could cost 10 million to license, while a 8 member 2-wing squadron might cost an additional 40 million credits. This progression could continue exponentially, with a 2x increase in squadron capacity increasing costs by 40x, so a 16 member squadron costs 160 million credits, a 32 member squadron putting the members back 320 million credits, a 64 member squadron costing 1.28 billion credits and so forth. The costs would get very high for larger squadrons, putting an effective cap on all but the most active squadrons as they would require all their members to chip in credits to expand the rosters.

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    A Squadron is a group of Commanders who want to band together and organise themselves in-game. This might be to play together, or to focus on certain types of gameplay such as bounty hunting, Community Goals,...

    What will be the difference between bounty farming in a wing and bounty farming in a squadron wing (same for CG grind etc.)?

    What are the "gameplay aspects" of squadrons ?

    Is it just all the same with a squadron tag ? I hope not otherwise this could be just another powerplay.

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    What is Frontier's thinking on the ideal Squad size? Remember many of us are NOT part a massive group. I would hope that squadrons scale down as well as up, I have a great group of co-workers that play and there are only 5 of us. We'd love the ability to do coop efforts and have a carrier. Honestly if it takes 100s of people to be a successful Squad I probably won't even use it.