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Thread: Lol- VKB EU cover themselves in Glory once more!

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    Lol- VKB EU cover themselves in Glory once more!

    Purveyors of eye wateringly expensive and painfully desirable gaming peripherals VKB EU have just managed to make themselves look even more incompetent than the bumbling idiots they appeared to be before.

    Refusing for months to take pre orders, they had a brief (Black Friday, one item per household, fire sale type brief) window where they took oodles of cash from mugs, willing victims, sheeple, a large number of paying customers for peripherals they didn't actually have in stock! They then sat on that information for damn near three weeks before announcing that oopsie, they made a boo boo, maybe everyone would like to chose from the remaining stock they actually do have and they'll send out what the paying customers actually paid for 'in around a month'.

    Ye Gods, people complain about Frontier? BDOBE's girls and boys can't hold a candle to those eedjits!

    The funniest part is I was one of the numpties, er, 'discerning customers' who actually took part in this fiasco. No fool like an old fool...

    The official line:
    Hi guys,
    The cargo is received in good shape and we started shipping yesterday as planned.

    However, there were several issues related to some misconfiguration of the new store.

    - all orders from Finland were treated as non-EU and VAT was not automatically added to the orders.
    I have contacted most of customers informing them about the issue and re-arrange the payment but some customers are still to be contacted

    - Due to misconfiguration of stock numbers, GF2 Pro variants were oversold during first hours after opening of the new store . It has been fixed soon but still we got too many orders on Pro variants that could fulfill with the current stock. We immediately secure Tabletop MCG Pro Ru variants to be able to offer this as an interim solution and provide Pro pack later (in about a month from now). Of course, cost of shipping for the additional delivery is on us.
    The customers who ordered GF2 Pro MCG Pro RU version are already informed.

    It is more complicated for the customers who ordered GF2 Pro MCG Pro EN versions. We offer to them also GF2 Tabletop MCG Pro RU with Pro pack shipped later if it is acceptable or complete EN version later (might take about two month) with a discount. I will communicate to all customers with GF2 Pro MCG Pro EN today. For your understanding, the last customer who will receive that full package is order number 4181. We didn't charge any affected customer yet.

    I apologize for the inconvenience and I do my best to offer as much of options as possible.

    The other orders are being processed.

    We shipping the first orders first but it goes per product to do it in batches as we have the whole new system now which has three different payment gateways and two different postal companies and we have to check each and every order to avoid any more issues. The intention is to ship all orders this week.

    Thank you for understanding. We are working around a clock but has to be extremely careful in shipping to avoid any mistake. Such amount of variants is a nightmare to ship and need to double and triple check.

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    Oh Logitech how you could milk this fiasco this with your resources.

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    It's too bad that a company with that good of a product drag their own name in the gutter.
    They have great products but no production it seems. Maybe to many different choices?

    I really do hope they get their together and manage to get their stock going and can take new orders that will ship out immediately without delays. The more products us costumer have to choose from, the better prices and a chance to get exactly what we want I believe.
    Feel bad for the costumers that believed in what their product from the beginning but has been waiting for many months and are still waiting for what they ordered.

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    Glad I decided to order from Virpil, but feel for the many disappointed people getting the bad news.
    It’s such a shame as the Vkb products are top notch, sounds like a complete system overhaul is required over at Vkb EU.

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    I don't think the problem is system related, Cruise. It doesn't take much to spend 15 minutes each day posting a quick update on the official forum, a couple of lines would do, particularly after fleecing er, I mean taking deposits from a whole gaggle of naive fools eager customers. I'm pretty sure the Dutch have an equivalent of Trading Standards, VKB had best hope they don't get wind of their seriously lackadaisical/downright dodgy business practices.

    I'm told my issue will be sorted out in under a month, which isn't the end of the world, but I'm really sceptical about that time frame, based on the experience others are reporting. You're right Forcit, some of the guys posting on their forum say they've been waiting over a year for their kit. During that time the designs VKB produce have moved on and the stuff they were waiting for might not even be compatible with what they originally bought to go with it.

    I'm starting to think a new X-56 is a bit of a bargain!

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    It really is a shame that the EU side of VKB is such a mess, more competition in the market is always good for the consumers. Their new grip looks great with all the analogue options.

    Ah well, I, like many others, ended up going with Virpil. Great customer service, good website and really solid products. Mind you they have just announced a 2 week delay on the throttle pre-orders, but at least they have communicated it clearly on their website

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    Viking, you're absolutely right there mate. I don't think 'enthusiasts' mind short delays, or even major shipping problems, as long as someone communicates what's going on. With VKB EU it goes deeper than that- they won't consider taking pre orders, or even expressions of interest. They quite literally have no idea of what the demand actually is for their products and they lack the technical ability to react to the mad frenzy of paying customers throwing money at them when stock finally does arrive. Gods only know what their support is likely to be if anything goes wrong with a product they've sold- I expect it to be utterly dire, given the pathetic performance of their sales team.
    It wouldn't take a great deal of effort to compile a list of potential customers before ordering stock. Pre-orders, deposits or even expressions of interest would give them a decent base line they could use when deciding how much kit to bring in. This time around they had Russian marked grips left over, the English marked stuff sold out straight away. Who'd have thought wealthy Europeans were more likely to want markings they could actually read on their expensive new controller? A quick (virtual) show of hands before importing could have avoided that.

    I really don't think they're going to stay in business if they carry on like this. It doesn't matter how good the item is, if you can't trust the seller you're going to look elsewhere. In an enthusiast market people are willing to part with relatively large sums of money, but the expense means they can't afford to get burned on every deal. There won't be any repeat custom and the company's reputation will take a hit with every fiasco they bring upon themselves. Sooner or later, that's going to close the company down.

    Right now, I wouldn't be shedding any tears if the EU team failed- it might mean that the US side of the operation would be willing to sell to us. The extra expense would be regretable, but it's something that might be worth paying to ensure getting access to the product and knowing when that access would be.

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    Originally Posted by Bill Clement View Post (Source)
    Gods only know what their support is likely to be if anything goes wrong with a product they've sold- I expect it to be utterly dire, given the pathetic performance of their sales team.
    Yeah that was, in the end, the final nail in the coffin. It took weeks to get an answer when I was asking about how to spend my money on VKB products. I can't imagine what would happen if I had to return something!

    Virpil on the other hand are great with e-mails, and my first set suffered from the hard-to-loosen cams but their support staff was great through the whole thing. So when that set got fried (electrical fault that took out all sorts of equipment) it was pretty much a no-brainer to go the same route again and hand my money to Virpil.