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Thread: Disneyland Adventures Feedback

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    Disneyland Adventures Feedback

    I'm at 99% of the game (I cannot wave at Roo during the second episode of the Pooh minigame) and I wanted to say this was really an amazing game. I was extremely impressed as someone who has grown up in Orange County and has been going to Disneyland my entire life; it felt like I was really there. Everything was in exact proportion. I really enjoyed it. What I also thought was so perfect was how the music changes as you walk around, just as it does at Disneyland (although Davy Crocket gets a bit old lol). The atmosphere is superb.

    What's really great about the game is that if you've never been to Disneyland, it transports you there. For those of us who have been to Disneyland, there are a few things I think would be really cool to add... things that we couldn't see normally. Those would be Walt's apartment above the fire station on Main Street, Walt's intended apartment above Pirates (we used to be able to go in there when it was the Disney Gallery, but it's been closed to the public for so long now) and of course Club 33. It would be really neat to go on a virtual tour of those places, if you are still doing add-ons. I know the game is a few years old now. It also would be nice to see a few places that are no longer open to the public but were, like the fort on Tom Sawyer's Island and the courtyards in New Orleans Square. The game immortalized so many of these places that are gone now, like the Thunder Mountain Ranch and the dance/band place on Main Street (I saw you even had hints to the Hunchback show from waaay back). I can tell there was a ton of effort put into this game to make it as real of an experience as possible, and I'm really grateful to all of the creators for that.

    It would also be nice to have a menu that displays what secrets we've collected throughout the park (I had to start a new file because I had no idea what I was missing in Critter Country and spent a few hours going back and forth).

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    Glad you've had fun with the game.

    Sadly I don't think their will be any now content for the game, but again it's great that you've enjoyed it.

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    It's a new favorite!