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Thread: Bounty system

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    Bounty system

    I've recently come back to the game and started my account after a bit of a hiatus (Currently on 980 hours). Anyway, I manage to clip a ship while bounty hunting and got a 300cr fine. This fine hasn't gone away in two weeks. I cant pay it off. It is galaxy-wide. It says warrant in every system I visit. What does any of this mean and how can I get rid of this bounty?

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    Interstellar factors, available in most low security systems.

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    Is it a fine or a bounty?

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    Hey RedCabbage11

    I can indeed confirm that Interstellar factors should be able to handle this for you (assuming this is regarding a bounty),
    Often found in low-security high population systems, if when speaking to these contacts you are unable to pay off your bounty please do not hesitate to contact us via

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    Thanks so much guys, it was a 300cr bounty (not a fine). Ill do that now and get back to bounty hunting. Thanks again!