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Thread: End of the Special Day programme

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    End of the Special Day programme

    Hello commanders,

    We’ve been delighted over the course of the Special Day programme to make a Commander’s day all that more special. However, as of today, we will be ending the Special Day programme.

    We've come a long way since the first Special Day and in that time we've seen the arrival of players on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. As the system currently stands, we're only able to reward players on PC and Mac with Special Day rewards and it is part of the reason why we now close the Special Day system.

    However, if you have an existing Special Day code, you will be able to use it until 10 June 2018 at 11:59 PM (BST).

    While the Special Day programme ends today, it doesn't mean an end of rewarding players for their enthusiasm and passion. We just want to ensure that all of our players, across every platform, are treated equally and part of that involves revising how we currently reward players.

    We will still continue to provide opportunities that give back to our players in the form of our forum and social media contests, and our livestream giveaways, and we will ensure that everyone has the chance to take part in those endeavours.

    In the future, we will do our best to let you know if we have pending changes to our rewards systems! Thank you for understanding.

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    Those pesky console players, damn them, damn them all to hell.

    Seriously that's fine. I had forgotten about mine anyway and not sure I got anything on my last special day anyway.

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    Arny sad. Arny liked special days. Arny blow stuff up! Arny happy again!

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    If I could engineer a grade 5 sad face, it'd be happening right now.

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    No more annual vouchers for 25% off that paintjob you don't really want?

    I don't know how I will cope.

    Actually, I don't think I'll even notice the difference.

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    I only ever had one paint job for my special day. And I already owned that one ! Ppfftt.


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    20% off was quite nice.

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    I never got a Special Day Something anyway. Still sad that you're ending the programme, though.

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    Had signed up and never received anything, so moot point for me.

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    Bad news. Hope a new programme will be available soon. I forward to the french community.

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    uh whats Special Day Programme???

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    After over 3 years of playing, never once received a code....
    I feel offended.

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    Originally Posted by Vasea Azure View Post (Source)
    uh whats Special Day Programme???
    It was only for special people.


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    Originally Posted by Flimley View Post (Source)
    It was only for special people.


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    Noooo .. my special day was only 20 days away!

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