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Thread: End of the Special Day programme

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    Originally Posted by Red Anders View Post (Source)
    It wasn't only valid on one item, it was valid on one order. I've just checked my shop history for the first one (2016) to confirm that - I'd set mine to Christmas Day so that I'd have the discount to apply against any of the Christmas special paints etc that I wanted and the 20% was applied to the total order value as expected.

    I got mine the first year (2016) without any problems. Last Christmas I didn't get it, e-mailed support on Christmas Day and got the discount applied to the order I subsequently made on Boxing Day, all of which took me about five minutes to sort out and the 20% discount was also applied to all of that order.

    Also there's nothing to suggest that the cost of it was anything to do with why they stopped it. The shop works differently on consoles and the announcement says very clearly that they decided to stop it because it was a PC-exclusive thing as a result of that.

    Still, if we're sorting out the disparities between the console and PC experiences hopefully they'll post soon to let me know how I can create my free second commander on the PC...
    Haha, yes, this so much. It's what I posted as well. This is why it bugs me, because that loop-hole still exists. Close that one and I'll be okay with taking this out, not to mention that exclusives still exist in the Cobra, so does that mean that's not going to be exclusive anymore either....seriously. haha

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    Originally Posted by Will Flanagan View Post (Source)
    Hello commanders,

    We’ve been delighted over the course of the Special Day programme to make a Commander’s day all that more special. However, as of today, we will be ending the Special Day programme.

    We've come a long way since the first Special Day and in that time we've seen the arrival of players on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. As the system currently stands, we're only able to reward players on PC and Mac with Special Day rewards and it is part of the reason why we now close the Special Day system.

    However, if you have an existing Special Day code, you will be able to use it until 10 June 2018 at 11:59 PM (BST).

    While the Special Day programme ends today, it doesn't mean an end of rewarding players for their enthusiasm and passion. We just want to ensure that all of our players, across every platform, are treated equally and part of that involves revising how we currently reward players.

    We will still continue to provide opportunities that give back to our players in the form of our forum and social media contests, and our livestream giveaways, and we will ensure that everyone has the chance to take part in those endeavours.

    In the future, we will do our best to let you know if we have pending changes to our rewards systems! Thank you for understanding.
    What the?

    This was going to be the first time I got mine, and my "special day" is this month! So I just get nothing?!? wTh???

    Give everyone one last one, jeez.

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    Originally Posted by CMDR MadRaptor View Post (Source)
    So.....if we are making things equal then everybody should be able to have the Cobra MKIV, correct. I'm sorry, I don't really like this decision, simply because it's not our fault they don't want to play on console. Hell, if you are on a console you can have multiple accounts right, we PC players can't do that so how about making that a bit more equal? Maybe I'm a bit salty because my special day is on July 18, so this happened just a bit too soon. Still, again if we are taking about equal then the whole console multiple accounts thing should be looked out...just saying.
    Do not restart the war, PC / Console

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    Originally Posted by Patrick_68000 View Post (Source)
    Do not restart the war, PC / Console

    I can't help it, everytime I try the peaceful way in this game it doesn't work...... It's like war is all that anybody wants

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    Never received a special day thing either, so I don't know what I'd be missing.
    They can't have us sign up with our CMDR names and just drop 50CR in our CMDR account for us? Maybe just make it the anniversary of when the CMDR first launched their Sidewinder?

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    I never received my special day code in march so no great loss tbf

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    Damn. I didn't know about it until last year (even though I'm a day 2 Kickstarter) so I signed up with my birthday, which will be on 13 June...

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    I have no idea what this was about anyway, so probably wont notice...

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    I do not remember receiving something, even though I was registered

    Perhaps I received ? I do not remember ...

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    I never got anything anyway, so whatever....

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    I never knew this "special day" even existed until now... lol ...

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    Originally Posted by Spacemanz View Post (Source)
    I never knew this "special day" even existed until now... lol ...
    It was a really special day

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    Lol so taking away another thing for your customers. Thank you. Wait, no.

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    My special day is June 15th! But thats ok, you can make it up to me by making the Hutton Mug available for purchase to place on my Anaconda dash

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    I was wondering why I didn't get an e-mail on my birthday recently. Was good while it lasted!