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Thread: End of the Special Day programme

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    I was hoping for a nice discount and pondering which paintjobs to get or possibly a free paint job. Sadly (not so good on a happy day) my email never came, so after a bit of investigation found this thread. The day after my happy day is now a sad day.

    Unfortunately I managed to mess it up last year and managed to cancel my payment and loose my voucher, so this year I was hoping to be more careful and make up for it. Its not to be, shame getting all products at a discount including the new ones always seemed a great way to get them rather than having to wait for a sale only to find the paint job I wanted wasn't included. In the long run, I think Frontier will make less money (I almost certainly will not be spending as much) by making people pay full price. Perhaps I will wait for Black Friday and hope everything is discounted then.....

    Incidentally, the game its self has a messaging system and a date, why can't that be used to send special day codes if none PC users don't have email addresses and feel left out. That way everyone can still keep getting them.

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    Look, for the two years that the special day event was running and included my chosen special day, in both instances I had to contact FDev support to remind them that my special day had come and I had not received a reward e-mail. I even had to send them screenshots of the special day website for my account to prove that it had been my special day. I think a lot of people suffered the same fate (being forgotten), because they never put a robust system in place for handling the special day.

    So them shutting down the special day event saddens me, but the way it was being run was so ramshackle that I'm surprised that anybody ever got something for their special day without having to make FDev aware that it was that day.

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