**PSForever Update #20: The Vehicle Update & PlanetSide 15th Birthday Event!** PSForever has reached a new development milestone! The team has been hard at work for the better part of a year working on this update. To celebrate it's release, and PlanetSide's 15th Birthday, we will be holding an event on the PSForever Test Server Sunday, May 20th @ 12pm EST. Players are expected to be on all throughout the day and weekend, but we're trying to get the highest concentration playing at that time. You can read the patch notes here: http://psforever.net/forums/forum/an...birthday-event

If you liked Planetside 2 but thought it could have been more. Then look no further. Yes it's 15 years old and the graphics are dated. The mechanics are a little clunky but oh my is it so much fun and even to this day, it is light years ahead in terms of emergent gameplay, deep meaningful mechanics, skill based combat. If you get shot in the back you can survive if you can strafe and aim at the same time while being shot at. Interfarms. Proper effective Gal drops that lead to gen holds or base hacks. Vehicles with lots of armour so a tank really is a tank.

Anyway great game please download and join in the birthday event. You will tell war stories. There will be many people only happy to help new players get the gist. The learning curve is steep but the rewards and memories are worth it. the link above has all the details on how to get in game and it's all free with Day Break's blessing too