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Thread: Farthest Distance from Sol Record Attempt

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    Farthest Distance from Sol Record Attempt

    In an attempt to go past where anyone has been before, I have set out on a multi-week supercruise from the Semotus Beacon star in the solar system farthest from Earth, Oevasy SG-Y d0.

    The goal is to warp away from the Galactic Core as this is the last system inside the Milky Way at this most distant edge.

    While I am still digging around to find the most accurate current record, I am fairly confident I can beat whatever it is. I have enough fuel for over a week and am getting a 12-hour top-off from friendly pilot and fellow streamer, CMDR Klutz.

    Part of this is fun.. part of this is charity (link in videos) and part of this is pure determination. I have been at these ED spaceships for less than a year and it has taken me months to put together the engineering components I wanted to get my Conda out here in style, speed and with purpose. I hopped in with the Beagle Point Expedition and have had a great time with them traveling out to the vast reaches of nowhere... recently partying with the DECE crew at a Beagle Point meet-up too. Big shout out to these groups and their organizers for their efforts.

    During the multi-day journey, I will be broadcasting for those who want to say hi and stare at warping endlessly into empty space! There may also be prolonged stasis periods on the attempt... and I expect the total journey to last at least 2 weeks. Yes, I have a lot of fuel.

    To conserve, I have shut off everything but my Thrusters, FSD & Life Support... and the neon lights stay on. Ya gotta have chill lighting when there are no other lights.

    Upon the end of my supercruise, I will kick these items out the airlock as a memorial and in the hopes future aliens can party with them:

    I will be streaming parts of this journey at

    CMDR Kluts' channel can be found at

    Drop in for encouragement and multi-crewing... Subscribe for updates.


    CMDR Keef Drow

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    This sounds like one hell of a distant trip. I am curious to see how refueling would go, and what your fuel consumption is at that rate.

    Can't wait to see how you do!

    We loved seeing you at Beagle Point with BPE and DECE this weekend, and Godspeed ahead into the literal black!

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    Best of luck! I hope the refueling efforts go well, and don't forget it'll take your refueler more and more fuel to keep up with you

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    Good luck Keef! I've left Semotus and I bet i'll be back in the bubble before you're done cruising into the intergalactic void!

    Remember when travelling to any new region it is polite to pick up on the language. As i'm unfamiliar with any intergalactic phrase books and my hitchhikers guide is brief in this area, I suppose you shall have to improvise. It seems most logical to assume that learning to read wingdings would offer you the best practice in xenolinguistics. That or socialising with Goids, but as there are (hopefully ) none about you will probably have to rely upon the former option.

    ☟□︎□︎❒︎♋︎⍓︎✏︎ ☠♓︎♍︎☜📬︎ 👎□︎■︎🕯︎❄ ☝♏︎❄ 💧⧫︎◆︎♍︎🙵✏︎

    ✋ ☟□︎◻︎☜ ❄♒︎☜ ✌●︎♓︎♏︎■︎💧 ✌❒︎☜ ☞❒︎♓︎♏︎■︎♎︎●︎✡ ✋☠ ❄♒︎♋︎❄ ✋■︎⧫︎♏︎❒︎♑︎♋︎●︎♋︎♍︎⧫︎♓︎👍 ☠♏︎♓︎♑︎♒︎♌︎□︎◆︎❒︎♒︎□︎□︎👎 ✌■︎👎 ✡□︎✞ 👎□︎■︎🕯︎❄ ☼◆︎☠ ✋■︎⧫︎⚐ ✌ ☝□︎♓︎👎 ☠♏︎💧

    And remember; that 'light' at the end of the tunnel, may in fact be an oncoming dragon.

    Best luck,

    Rough Roads.

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    Good luck with the record attempt & don't get stranded!

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    Good luck commander! o>

    Once you reach the Speed cap of 2001c you will be going 5,47 ly per day. If you can hold that for a few weeks this will sure be an amazing record. Though that will be a few weeks without actually playing the game I wouldn't be able to do that.

    Can you post your loadout so we can make an estimate of the max Duration of the trip, with still enough fuel to jump to a scoopable at the end? So you could basically set an Alarm on your phone for when you Need to sit back into your Cockpit for the jump There's already been a commander stranded there doing this.

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    This is the farthest I've ever super-cruised out from a system. 2.02ly
    After ~9 hours, I've added another ~2ly to my Max Distance from Sol.

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    A full tank again after a 9 hour head start.
    Good Luck Commander

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    Originally Posted by King_INF3RN0 View Post (Source)
    This sounds like one hell of a distant trip. I am curious to see how refueling would go, and what your fuel consumption is at that rate.

    Can't wait to see how you do!

    We loved seeing you at Beagle Point with BPE and DECE this weekend, and Godspeed ahead into the literal black!

    Hello! Good questions... my Conda is burning fuel at the rate of 1.26/hr with only the 3 powered mods online (Thrust, FSD, Life).

    CMDR Klutz and I just completed our refueling and I am back to full tanks. The extra 9 hours of fuel will add a nice bump to my travel time.

    Funny thing happened though.. I got to low speed 30km/s to drop out of warp.. did so.. and the game dropped him out on top of me, colliding into me doing near 20% hull dmg to each of us. Klutz' 'nav lock' was on and it dropped him at high speed into me. I don't even know what 'nav lock' is, but hope it works as cool as it sounds from context, with this exception. There was no module dmg to me though... so it wasn't a fall-from-warp-too-soon dmg. for me at least.

    I used my repair limpets while he refueled me and took those pretty pics you see above.

    Much thanks, Klutz!!

    Keef Drow

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    Wingman Nav Lock helps you drop out of SC on your wingman. Instead of having find their low wake signal and manually slow down and drop on your wing signal.
    It sort of automates it so that when your wingmate drops, you automatically drop on them as soon as your ship is in range.

    We were about 100,000ls apart due to course drift overnight.
    When you dropped, I got the wing signal that you had dropped but my screen showed wake out of range. I was still going 2001c watching the distance count down figuring I would slow down to 75% once I got closer.
    Well apparently your wake came in range and it dropped me suddenly. I heard "Hull Integrity Compromised" but I didn't see any collision. I figured it was due to the sudden drop.
    We were a few hundred meters apart when I first saw you. Also note, we were both shieldless.
    No module damage here either so I have no idea what happened. Thanks for the repairs.

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    This is epic. I loosely followed your planning on the BPE discord and I hope you don't forget to save enough fuel for a save return.
    o7 CMDR!

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    Pictures, lots of lovely pictures please.

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    Originally Posted by Dr. Nagi View Post (Source)
    This is epic. I loosely followed your planning on the BPE discord and I hope you don't forget to save enough fuel for a save return.
    o7 CMDR!
    I used a premium FSD injection so I only needed a small sliver of fuel to make the 50ly jump back out from Semotus. ED Discovery says it was only ~0.7 tons of fuel.
    "event": "FSDJump",
    "StarSystem": "Oevasy RG-Y d0",
    "JumpDist": 50.074,
    "FuelUsed": 0.744664,

    CMDR Drow,
    I got the low fuel warning when I was transferring fuel so I got nervous but it turns out I still had 5 tons left. I could have given you a few more tons but I think you were full up at that point.
    My log says 14 fuel transfers so 14 tons of fuel which is higher than I calculated you would have used in 9.5 hours. 1.26t/hr x 9.5 hours is only ~12 tons
    p.s. I got confirmation from an experienced fuel rat that there is no indication when your target's tank is full. You can keep sending limpets and wasting fuel. You were probably full at 12 tons and I spilled an extra two tons into space.

    We winged up at 03:25 and exited supercruise at 13:03 for a total time of 9 hours and 38 minutes in supercruise after topping off our tanks at the B star.
    Distance from Seamotus Beacon was 2.17ly so this extra fuel is only gonna get you an extra ~2 lys out into the void. Perhaps more since you're already at full speed now and you don't have to slowly accelerate away from the system gravity well.

    So when you're done and running low on fuel, remember, you can get back out with less than 1 ton of fuel if you use a premium boost.
    A normal non-boosted jump will cost you ~5.14463 tons (according to my journal file from the jump in to Seamotus)
    I believe you have a slightly better jump range than I do on fumes (62.4ly) so YMMV.

    Originally Posted by OldManKnott View Post (Source)
    Pictures, lots of lovely pictures please.
    Lol. There's really nothing out there to take a picture of. Except the Milky Way behind you.
    I believe he's planning on streaming occasionally during the trip. I'd love to see daily updates.

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    I have hit the 3LY mark from the B/Semotus Star.

    Good to know about the Fuel & Nav Locks.. thanks!

    I will do another update and stream in a few hours when I hit around 4 LY.

    Unfortunately, the game does't let you select Sol without a permit.
    Sol = 65,647.34 LY away by map
    Alpha Centauri = 65,644.26 LY away by map
    Difference = +3.08 LY

    So I am 65,650.x LY out from SOL.

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    Godspeed, Commander! Send us a postcard

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