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Thread: Passenger/Tourism & Exploration Focused Group

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    Passenger/Tourism & Exploration Focused Group

    I'm looking for a moderately active player group (Discord is a plus) that has a specialized focus on passenger missions, tourism, or Saud Kruger.

    I've played on and off since last August, and have more or less focused entirely on passenger missions and deep space exploration.

    The group could be primary exploration, with secondary emphasis on tourism/passenger. Just looking for a nice community, to get tips, and also help out.

    Thanks for any suggestions!

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    Hi Hyacinthus and Sacra Oculus does a LOT of passenger missions out of our systems. We are also on the raggedy edge of inhabited space, making it ideal for explorers to venture into the Black. We're a minor role play group (religious nutjob End of Days Occultists) but you don't have to worry too much about that.

    Feel free to check us out on Discord. Usually busier at weekends.

    Oh and we are also working with others via the Discord to help liberate rare trade commodities. Latest target is Delta Pavonis.