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Thread: Independent Network Union - Needs you!

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    Independent Network Union - Needs you!

    ✬ INU ✬

    "INU engages in activities that are designed to strengthen ties with other independent groups in order to maintain a certain level of independence from the three Great Powers"

    Current Objectives

    System: Bridi
    Station: Harawii Vision
    Mission: Assist the INU in the upcoming war with the Bridi Citizen's Forum (Controlling Faction) starting the 15th/16th May 3304.
    Reward: Return Combat Bonds to Harawii Vision. Pilots wishing to assist the Independence of Bridi, should align themselves with the Independent Network Union in this upcoming war.


    The Independent Network Union was founded in May of 3304 after being passed by the Bridi Citizens' Forum senator located within the system of Bridi. The INU has close ties to the Empire, situated within the heart of Imperial Trading space. The aim of the minor faction is to increase its support from CMDR's, and increase it's influence within it's home system and neighbouring systems should we manage to expand.

    The INU is a dedicated Independent state which is a Confederacy Union Government.


    The INU was born due to some disagreements between our Founder "30K" and the Imperial Senate within the Bridi System. With this in mind, intelligence from Imperial Sources suggested that 30K was in disarray with some of the recent implications on Independent Pilots including those independent minor factions within the system. Our Founder as such met with his long standing allies into talks of bringing about a new independent faction within the Bridi system. As such along with fellow diplomats and supporters, the INU was established and approved.


    The INU welcomes all types of pilots in their respective fields of expertise. We only ask that you do so to enhance the influence of our faction and assist in its growth. The INU is not phased by the type of work you conduct within the galaxy, we only care that your actions bring influence to our faction.

    Operating Code

    - Your life comes first. We do not expect people to be on continuously, we only ask that people assist our faction whenever they are available to do so.
    - Play however you want. At the end of the day we are all here to enjoy what Elite offers. You assist the faction, however you want too.
    - Do not grief or cause harassment to other pilots.
    - Most of all, enjoy!


    Any questions about the Minor Faction can be addressed to 30K here on this forum via Inara -
    Discord Server - Coming soon.

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    Independent Network Union - Recruiting now!

    The war is now ongoing and we are on the winner foot! Those wishing to assist, please do!