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Thread: Powerplay Proposal

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    ‘Open only’

    I couldn’t give a damn about PP but I do care about having the confidence that you, as a developer, will not break a promise.

    I don’t think I will be able trust you by the very the fact that you would even by consider mode locking any element of the game, be it to open, solo or pg. It is up to you to create engaging gameplay that is accessible to all players in all modes that is both satisfying, equally rewarding and fair.

    If it goes ahead I will sadly have to consider my future involvement with ED. It is not about PP or open it is about trust in you as a developer.

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    My issue with this is the open only option will deprive some players of existing game play that they paid for when they bought the game, yes I admit that only the instancing issue is in your control but it is still depriving them of an option or worse making it pay to play.

    Now as some have suggested if you came up with a new feature and made that open only then I and I suspect many others would be much less upset.

    Another option would be to make PP outside of open less effective but just as rewarding.

    I don't do Power Play and rarely bother with Open as it offers nothing other than an increased chance of rubberbanding or other instance overload issues, and no I probably won't quit over the issue but would if asked be much less happy about recommending the game to others.

    So restrictive new content is a poor idea restricting existing content is a very bad idea.

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    Only Open????

    right - so only the gankers get to have the PP weapons etc, which means the gap between them and the rest gets even wider.

    What a joke. This game is going downhill fast.

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    Sandro: I dont know if this has been flagged yet, or discussed in any manner, but will the blocking functionality be tweaked to allow PP pledged individuals through the filter of a player who's pledged to a rival power (possibly without the ability to communicate, to try to strike a middle ground)?

    Last thing we need is easy mode exploiters abusing the block feature to bypass your intent with Powerplay

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    Open Only FDEV, it makes perfect sense, it's a PvP aspect of the game, you can't PvP in Solo or PG

    If anyone feels otherwise, reply to my thread and prove your point, don't just say

    "it will ruin my game"
    "it wasn't in the kickstarter"
    "I play solo/pg"
    "I don't even PP"

    FDev! listen to the PP community, not the rag tag randos who don't understand PP.

    also, anyone that says "I wont pay money on your store" is clearly a childish tantrum and they prob don't have any money anyway.
    however, I have spent hundreds of dollars on your store and will continue to do so!

    where you lose on them, you gain from me!

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    I like all of the proposed changes. Thank you.

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    This is an excellent proposal and greatly appreciate the idea to move powerplay to open only but there is an issue I'd like to address in light of some discussion with other players, particularly console players as well as players engaged in powerplay, solely for the modules and not the actual gameplay.

    Console players are going to find themselves in a situation where, to access powerplay, particularly if they are just interested in modules, they will have to face monetary fees imposed by their respective consoles services, PS+ and Xbox live - this means modules will be behind a paywall for them.

    To counteract this, and an effort to make gameplay more accessible to everyone, I'd like to suggest the removal of modules as a reward, or rather, allow additional means to acquire them. I'd like to suggest that instead, the modules would be accessed via technology brokers much like newly introduces modules, but to keep with the ingame lore of the modules, the technology brokers for these modules would only be accessible in the home system of each power (so Cubeo for prismatic shields as an example). But what about those pledged to powers? The modules could still be rewarded, or, the modules can be acquired at a significant discount as a loyalty bonus for powerplay. In short make powerplay modules available through tech brokers so all players can access them but give appropriate discount to allied powerplay players.

    I think this would benefit the powerplay community as it would mean players only interested in modules wont be wasting/throwing powerplay resources in random systems affecting the wider powerplay community, will remove the paywall for console players only interested in the modules and will bridge the gap for all players making the game more accessible and fun.


    Edit: little did I realise this has been suggested in another thread

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    I am wholeheartedly against open only powerplay. FD, first you said there would be an offline mode, then you reneged, then you said elite will be on mac, and now you reneged, then you said all play modes will be equal, now you want to renege again. What are you going to renege on next, the Lifetime Expansion Pass?

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    Open only is a really bad idea. The benefit to pew pew players is obvious- expect lots of support from them. Also expect players less interested in pew pew to keep mum for fear of being ridiculed by 'git gud' type comments.

    The benefit to griefers is equally obvious- lots of weapons and bonuses that the usual suspects will acquire in next to no time with a whole new crop of victims to use them on. PvP against a rival faction is one thing, getting ganked by wings of monkeys playing 'ship goes boom! lol!' in murdervettes sounds like a great laugh...

    And once the precedent has been set, what else will you be pushing out as open only? Community Goals? Pretty much exactly the same arguments can be used for locking solo and group players out of those events. How about trades when the improvements to exploring and mining come out? Someone is bound to cry about how unfair it is that all these new goodies can be claimed by players immune to the 'dangers' of open play.

    It's an utterly dreadful idea that will inevitably lead to a slew of even worse decisions. There are a noisy minority on this forum pushing for Eve in cockpits- this proposal is the biggest step towards it you've ever considered.

    Don't do it!

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    Yes to open play only for PP! Finally! Do the right thing Fdev.

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    Ideally, Powerplay should be made to make more sense in all modes, not changed to cut off gameplay options and relevance from current players.

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    I would say a compromise.

    Open Play should be for BGS and PowerPlay influence.

    - Powerplay combat in open takes place among players and affects undermining and fortification.
    - Merits have boost in open, more earned from killing players with higher threat to faction. Threat can be determined by combat rank, multicrew on ship, powerplay rating.
    - Powerplay combat in pg and solo doesn't affect undermining etc. Merits are still earned without multiplier.

    - Powerplay goods worth more merits and influence, if stolen from opposing player.
    - Powerplay goods in pg or solo are worth current merits.
    - Successful deliveries influence and merit rate affected by "player heat" of systems, passing through more CMDR populated systems and regions offers multipliers for merits.

    Weekly tick
    - Merits earned in open do not decay next week or decay by 25% instead of being halved.
    - Merits earned in pg/solo decay as they do currently.
    - Merits earned in open are used to determine voting eligibility.


    - This avoids players being unable to access powerplay modules if they prefer pg or solo.
    - There are still incentives to go pvp in open with higher merit/influence and less decay.
    - Voting cannot be done by only PG/solo players.
    - Trades that have influence, take place in open.

    Please consider, Sandro!

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    FD, Netslayers notion of a compromise as stated in post above makes good sense. It’s a compromise which creates a strong incentive to play in open but does not cut solo/pg players completely out of the loop. I’m with those who support the current suggestion of open only for pp, but I believe the odd compromise makes good sense as well.

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    I love the open only mode I believe this could really give the Elite Dangerous universe a more lived in feel as people migrate to open. It will also serve to generate more immergent game play. That even the nay Sayers will enjoy. In my WoW days I convinced my friend's to move off of their PVE servers and on to the PVP servers and they never went back.

    The missions also make sense and is a great way to add spice and additional rewards for powerplay.

    Being able to drop unproductive systems and forcing powers to not just meet the minimum level of fortification is a great way to pit powers against each other.

    As far as the the powerplay rewards I agree with other sentiment make them a thing to unlock via tech broker's. That could possibly exist in capital systems for each power.

    Please also consider the risk to reward ratio as well ans dramatically increase the lower tier merit rewards in terms of credits. Players follow the credits. You want to ask players to engage in more PVP and risk their ships, it would make sense to compensate that risk by making the credit rewards high enough to offset the potential increase rebuy costs.

    Potential new rewards could be tokens to players could use when their ship gets destroyed to offset rebuy costs. As well as additional credits, and or materials.

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    Love the idea of open only PP. About time!