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Thread: Species Profile: Tyrannosaurus Rex

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    I wanna ask something to Frontier. It is just me or the T-Rexes lookes a little bit different from the Bodysize ? I see that the brown T-rex have a bulkier head then the greyish one ind wanna ask, could it be that your T-rexes looking also a bit different from individual to individual ? even when they have the same skins?

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    Originally Posted by Lora Craft69 View Post (Source)
    I know what you meant, sorry if it came over in a bad way.
    Males and females do have the same size though, because it's impossible to make out which fossils are female and which are male.
    David Hone a paleontologist who specializes in T-Rex said this in a lecture in The Royal Institution.
    It's a 54 minute watch but it's well worth it:
    Thank you very much for sharing this. It's a great lecture and worth every minute

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