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Thread: Computer locks up when sitting in port

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    A network issue would at most soft-lock the game, you could still tab out and close it; it would not "lock up" the entire computer.

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    Originally Posted by DarthHobbes View Post (Source)
    The computer doesn't lock up, just the Elite application. I have to open the task manager, kill the process and then relaunch the game. I can't speak for the others but my frame rate is static inside the station (usually right at 60 fps). I've run Windows monitoring as well as hardware monitoring and there is nothing out of the ordinary going on prior to Elite freezing. No high CPU activity, no low frame rates, normal temps, etc.

    A reboot doesn't help and on rare occasion I have no freezes in the station at all and the next station I hit I might have to restart Elite 5 or 6 times.

    For me this started out of the blue approximately two weeks ago. I had made no hardware changes and had not updated any drivers or software that would have corresponded to the time frame with Elite starting to freeze. It is possible it corresponded with a Windows Update since I have that set to automatic.

    I reinstalled Windows 10 from scratch about two months ago but Elite was running normally both before and after the Win 10 re-installation.
    Same for me, the game freezes and can only be shut down using task manager, the computer and anything else running are unaffected.

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    post a support ticket is all I can suggest other than driver replacement method in post 8 this thread if running the win10 spring creators update
    you can check your windows version by typing winver in start button search 1803 is the latest build

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