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Thread: Computer locks up when sitting in port

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    Computer locks up when sitting in port

    When playing the PC version it will consistently lock up my computer when I sit in any station for more than a few minutes at a time. This never happens when using the VR version. It happened before updating Windows to the Spring Creator's Update and continues after. Since it locks up the whole computer I don't get a crash log. I have an i7-5280k, 32GB DDR4, GTX 1070.

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    Welcome to "sucks to be you" problems that could be caused by everything (though with hard freezes I'm less tempted to blame graphics).

    Make sure your power supply is sufficient and that it does not get hot. Clean out the fins of the CPU cooler. If you are overclocking, don't. If you have all RAM slots populated, check if the crashes go away with 16GB. On the off chance that it is graphics-related, enable VSync or a hard frame rate cap in the game or in graphics driver settings.

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    You could also check the case fan(s) and filters. Mine need regular cleaning!

    Try monitoring the psu voltages (software!), I found one of my PCs was having a 5v line problem, but only caused a problem when driving the graphics card hard..

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    Hey ScottPhil,

    While this does appear to sounds like a hardware issue we should be able to confirm this if you could provide a DxDiag for us through our ticketing system we would be more than happy to assist you further.

    (the DxDiag will allow us to look for things like outdated drivers current system specifications etc.)