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Thread: Obsidian Ant you darn rogue!

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    Imagine if OA started talking about his Python and how good it is at delivery loads?

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    But ONLY at small Outposts!

    <3 Sir Ant

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    Originally Posted by Majic-12 View Post (Source)
    Obsidian Ant is so awesome, I want him to be the father of my children.

    And I'm a guy.
    You are a fervent believer, you

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    Originally Posted by Obsidian Ant View Post (Source)
    haha that's awesome! Sounds like a new business opportunity!
    Yeah. The "lonely-wife-whisperer.

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    Originally Posted by Shiro Akai View Post (Source)
    I'm not a fan of British English but OA's voice and dialect has something in it. I sometimes play his videos just to listen, regardless of topic. ASMR?
    British english has lots of different dialects...

    English English or as we like to call it English is how OA speaks.

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    I've always said OA should voice the speaking clock.

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    Maybe we should ask they guy who showed us what guardians looked like in crayon to show us what OA looks like...

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    Originally Posted by Turbosnowy View Post (Source)
    Maybe we should ask they guy who showed us what guardians looked like in crayon to show us what OA looks like...
    Yeah, nice idea! Incidentally, the guy in question doesn't have access to sharp objects such as pens & pencils in that wing of the hospital.

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    Originally Posted by Genus View Post (Source)
    It's true. I eat grapes whilst watching his vids.

    One thing we do really well in Ol Blighty is accents. Not many places have such a diverse and localised range, move 10 miles and you will likely hear the subtle (or not so subtle) changes.

    OA's seems to have a 'cockney' influence? Then again that might be a deadly insult if his tribe have always been at war with the cockney's

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    See Band Of Brothers, and then Wolf Hall, and realize that Henry the Eighth, and the Airborne Captain, are the same guy (outstanding performances).

    There is, of course, Hugh Laurie.

    Laura Linney is one of the few American actresses who can play British roles well.

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    Originally Posted by Sir.Tj View Post (Source)
    I worry about you lot.....
    I don't. I worry about... you know;,,, them... those ones...

    I know you've seen them. In the corner of you eye (that's oval shaped, so how does that work?), I know you've seen them.

    And you've heard them too, haven't you? We know you have.

    So, don't worry about 'you lot'; they're just a figment of your imagination. It's like VR in reverse. Relevance is no comfort when there is no up nor down.

    I am free now, Zippy and the Rainbow Crew warned me about my meds.

    Now it's just us. There is no Obsidian Ant. Just Us. Forever.

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    Originally Posted by Obsidian Ant View Post (Source)
    Subliminal, hypnotic or guided content is something I'm sure would work really well with music backing. Not sure how well it would work with Elite jargon though - might have to experiment a bit!
    OA XXX version!

    Lock up ya wives!

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