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Thread: Show us your interesting discoveries!

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    Show us your interesting discoveries!

    We have some great screenshot threads already, but I figured it was about time we had a thread for sharing interesting finds of all kinds. One of the things that made me want a thread like this, is this recent discussion about a hazy "atmospheric" world.

    Please feel free to share anything you have come across, whether it's your own discovery or not. This can be anything truly rare, or just a cool planetary alignment, unusual orbits, unusually large or small bodies, or even just a scenic view. Anything that was interesting in some way that made you take notice, but perhaps doesn't warrant a POI in the GMP (or maybe it does!).

    Please put screenshots inside spoiler tags, and also use one set of tags per find, rather than per screenshot. Until the forum has an "expand all" button, it'll probably be easiest this way. This is more of a guideline than a rule.


    I'll start by sharing a few basic but interesting things I stumbled upon this past week:

    1. Tight binary pair of moons orbiting a terrestrial world. Binary planets are very common, as are binary moons that orbit gas giants, but I don't often find them orbiting a terrestrial planet like this, especially so close together. I can't help but feel like they're inside each other's Roche limit, but I haven't done the math.

    2. A very large ring system. I can't remember the last time that I saw a ring system like this that was large enough to be clearly visible from the arrival point, despite being over 7,000 ls from arrival. The rings are thin and dim, but extend out to almost 60 ls (radius) from the planet. Additionally it was orbited by a gas giant moon, with its own moons. This one is within a couple of jumps of Rohini, along the Colonia road.

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    I'm not sure if this is the kind of thing you're looking for: a newly discovered, huge, ringed ammonia world, virtually no cloud cover and unusually dark brown:

    I made a few interesting discoveries like that on my Sag A trip

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    I discovered this ELW orbiting a gas giant, with a close-orbiting landable moon of it's own. It was added as a passenger tourist destination: Earth-like Dance With Giant.

    System = IC 1396 Sector RU-F d11-7

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    I have found this system with an ELW with a landable moon orbiting four stars, in November 2015, and I could never decide if it is worth to post it as a POI in the GMP, but here I do it now. I needed 3 visits (with all my 3 CMDRs) to finally catch these views in November 2016. The system is GRAEA BYIO EP-L B55-0.

    Not in Spoilers, that does not work with an Imgur Album, I hope it's okay

    Imgur Album

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    @ Stulli: Given that ELWs co-orbiting four stars are very rare (current total on the ELW list: 20 such ELWs out of 12,689), and it even has a landable moon, I say you should post it on the GMP too.

    I'll post a few things here later, just gonna need to gather them first.

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    I have some tags to my name but nothing unique enough to make a PoI out of.

    My First (and only) Wolf-Rayet discovery Kyloaln AA-A h268 happens to have a Type-A SuperGiant in orbit and a Type-O orbiting very close to that.
    Scooping from the Type-O puts you in scooping range of the SuperGiant also and got my ship very toasty.

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    ELW-moon around in a C-N star system:

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    Some cool finds here! Sometimes that's the best motivation to keep jumping-- seeing what's in the next system, and hoping for something unusual.

    Here's one of mine that I have in the GMP:

    Undine Haven
    Phroi Bluae LS-B d13-744

    Six water worlds (and one HMC) that are all terraformable, around the secondary star. This is still my highest paid system.

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    Do you often come across Zebra Gas Giants? I can't remember seeing one as black and white as this, so they can't be common:

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    Here's one that was interesting to me for lack of features, a big ringed water world with no clouds or any other markings.

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    An ELW orbiting a T brown dwarf (edsm:

    it has a 4 day orbit! Not a record-setter but still pretty neat


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    This is probably my favourite:

    Can't get all four in one shot:

    Found a while back and yet to beat it

    Just remember this gem ...

    Lonely ELW orbiting a Neutron Star

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    Originally Posted by BaldEagle View Post (Source)
    This is probably my favourite:

    Can't get all four in one shot:

    Found a while back and yet to beat it

    Just remember this gem ...

    Lonely ELW orbiting a Neutron Star
    Never seen anything like three neutron stars lined up like that !

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    Originally Posted by xtnsgo View Post (Source)
    An ELW orbiting a T brown dwarf (edsm:

    it has a 4 day orbit! Not a record-setter but still pretty neat
    Oh, it's more than pretty neat: Earth-likes orbiting class T dwarfs are incredibly rare. Out of the current 12,689 on the ELW list, only two others have been found. So, congrats on your find! Would you mind it if I added yours as well? Although I'll need a system map screenshot of it, but you can call that up from anywhere.
    I'd also recommend posting it on the GMP.

    As for an interesting discovery that's not on the GMP, but I still liked: a ringed Earth-like world that's binary paired with a gas giant, in a system that's inside a nebula. Here are a couple of screenshots:

    The system is Dryaea Flee PP-E c25-828, not far from Colonia, if you wish to swing by.

    It was also memorable to me because of how I discovered it. I planned to swing by the nebula on my way farther out, and then someone asked on the forums about what kinds of systems might have better chances of ringed Earth-likes. I told them that they should look at F and perhaps A, what with the widest habitable zones and the larger available mass in the system. After this, I decided to hang around the nebula a bit, see what I can find. Within half an hour, I find this Earth-like... I hope the other Commander found a ringed one quickly as well! (Although this one's around a G star.)

    A similar find that is on the GMP: Dryaea Flee GC-D d12-3089, Regal and Celerity. It's inside the same nebula as well. This Earth-like is the moon of a gas giant, and orbits it very closely: for a good while, it was the record holder of the shortest orbital period for a natural (procedurally generated and not terraformed) Earth-like. Since the giant it orbits is ringed, there'd be some pretty good views down there.
    Couple of screenshots as well:

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