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Thread: Show us your interesting discoveries!

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    Latest finds from current trip.

    Neutron and White Dwarf bookends for Red Giant.

    Double Black Hole and Neutrons system.

    First time I have ever seen this pairing. Neutron in close proximity to A class star.

    The system also has a nice size Water world around a ringed Y class star.

    And finally a bunch of espace pods 25,000ly out from the bubble.
    No cargo racks so there they remain....

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    First time I have ever seen this pairing. Neutron in close proximity to A class star.
    Nice find!

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    Those are some nice finds! Excellent.

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    Heres some older ones.
    A Ringed class M star:

    2 ELW's orbiting a Class L star:

    An ELW orbiting A Herbig star:

    A ringed ELM

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    Somewhere about 3,000ly above Sag A at this time.

    S class with M star in decent proximity for a nice shot. Really puts things into perspective when you see these larger bodies up close.

    Neutron and White Dwarf. Not that unusual except has class K and M and M and L stars closely grouped for that hard to find the four star shot.

    Neutron with twin Ringed Water World pairing.

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    One of the more unusual objects I've run across and a place I'm waiting to attempt to land and do an SRV circumnavigation. Not sure if it'll be possible due to the heat and the high gravity.

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    Very nice! Love Cobra as explorer ship)

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    Last item of any note from this trip.
    Triple Black Hole system which even more interestingly was within a few hundred light years of a similar triple system which had already been discovered.

    Now back at Shinrarta Dezhra awaiting updates....

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    Most interesting thread in ages!!

    Love it,soon I’ll post some of my findings o7

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