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Thread: Ranking Jurassic World Evolution's CONFIRMED Dinosaurs

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    Ranking Jurassic World Evolution's CONFIRMED Dinosaurs

    Curious to see how everyone ranks the dinosaurs confirmed in Jurassic World Evolution. Where do they stand amongst your favorites? Why does this dinosaur rank dead last?
    For my own list, I chose not to include hybrids, dinosaurs revealed at the 25th anniversary showcase as we do not have official confirmation of those dinosaurs, and dinosaurs we have not truly seen (example: the unknown Stegosaur known only by its silhouette). I will be ranking from least to greatest. After reading my list, feel free to share your thoughts or your own ranking of the JWE roster!

    27. Struthiomimus: My least favorite dinosaur. This is because it is too similar to other orthomimids and doesn't really bring anything to the table. It's also the dinosaur we've seen the most and probably will be everyone's first dinosaur when they play the game.
    26. Archaeornithomimus: This dino is second to last for reasons similar to Struthio, it's just too similar to the dinosaurs of its family. It resembles Gallimimus even more so than Struthio. We haven't really seen much of it though, sparing it from last place.
    25. Ceratosaurus: Funny how the carnivore that possibly got the least amount of screen time in the movies ended up as the one we'd be seeing so often in demos of the game.
    24. Edmontosaurus: Love it's calls, hate how much I've seen it lol.
    23. Gallimimus
    22. Camarasaurus
    21. Brachiosaurus
    20. Akylosaurus
    19. Chrichtonosaurus
    18. Chasmosaurus
    17. Parasaurolophus
    16. Pachycephalosaurus
    15. Dilophosaurus
    14. Styracosaurus
    13. Metriacanthosaurus
    12. Tsintaosaurus
    11. Stegosaurus
    10. Kentrosaurus
    9. Triceratops
    8. Apatosaurus
    7. Majungasaurus
    6. Velociraptor
    5. Deinonychus: You might be wondering why I placed Deinonychus above Velociraptor, especially with that comb. Well, it's simply because it's a new dromaeosaurid, and the fact that it's new and fresh appeals to me and why I've placed it above good ol Velociraptor.
    4. Spinosaurus
    3. Maiasaura?/Unnamed Hadrosaur
    2. Tyrannosaurus Rex: What? Tyrannosaurus rex is number 2? But how? That means...
    1. Suchomimus: Yes, Suchomimus is ranked #1 in my list of confirmed dinosaurs for Jurassic World Evolution. It pretty much is the sole reason I purchased the deluxe edition. It takes its spot over Tyrannosaurus due to its absolutely stunning design, from the colors to the authenticity of it. It is, in my opinion, the most visually appealing carnivore in the game thus far. It also finds a special place in my heart as its a spinosaurid, one that doesn't have the same attention as Spinosaurus has in Jurassic Park media but is very deserving of it. I can't wait to see this puppy in action when the game releases.

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    I don't know what order I'd rank them in, but Suchomimus is #1 for me as well. I love its coloration. My second favorite would probably be the Metriacanthosaurus.

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    My list would be

    27- Deinonychus, because it is the actual animal, that JP call "Velociraptor" =) that meants weīve got the same species 2 times in game. I donīt like it.
    26- Struthiomimus. I think itīs boring, but perhaps Frontier has got a nicer Skin for it in their case. Than Iīll take it back and would kinda enjoy the gallimimus clon.
    25- Tsintaosaurus. Itīs too close to the Corythosaurus. I donīt like it, but I have to say the skin looks wonderful!
    24- Metriacanthosaurs. Itīs okay, but donīt make feel like I need to have it in my Park.
    23- Kentrosaurus. I like it and itīs classic. But I am not really excited about it.
    22- Chasmosaurus. Itīs looks different to the Triceratops ... but actually itīs too close to it IMO
    21- Apatosaurus. Itīs the most boring Sauropod in the game, but I like it.
    20- Crichtonsaurs. Itīs okay as an alternative Ankylosaurus
    19- Edmontosaurus. Love it! the skin is great even though the crest is kinda strange, but if science say it had got a crest than its absoluty fine with me!
    18- Camarasaurus. Havenīt see it from close, but I liked it very much in JPOG
    17- Ankylosaurus. A must have, but not the most exciting one for me.
    16- Styracosaurus. Another classic dinosaur I will enjoy very much. Would like to see more of it.
    15- Stegosaurus. Itīs a must have!
    14- Maiasaurus/Unnamed Hadrosaur. Itīs looked very simple and I love it!
    13- Brachiosaurus. My favourite of that kind of animals, no doubt!
    12- Archaeornithomimus. A nice Gallimimus alternative.
    11-Gallimimus. Absolutly a favourite of mine!
    10- Parasaurolophus. Gorgeous animals!
    09- Velociraptor. Classy.
    08- Majungasaurus. Donīt know much about it. First saw it in JW:G, but would love to see/learn more of/about it.
    07- Triceratops. Canīt wait to breed a handfull of aggressive Triceratops!
    06- Pachychephalos. The skin is amazing!
    05- Suchomimus. The most beautiful skin I saw until now!
    04- Tyrannosaurus. Love it, but itīs not my king
    03- Spinosaurus. Yeah I am a Spinosaurus person ... sorry rexy XD
    02- Dilophosaurus. Have you guys seen the improvement on the Dilphosaurus on the JWE Website? How the collar moves now! It is fantastic!
    01- Ceratosaurus. The most beautiful Dinosaur in my opinion. He always deserved more love in the movies, I am sure!

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    Jurassic World Evolution Moderator Global Moderator Lora Craft69's Avatar
    I will do my top ten:

    10 - Metriacanthosaurus
    9 - Stegosaurus
    8 - Dilophosaurus
    7 - Brachiosaurus
    6 - Triceratops
    5 - Deinonychus
    4 - Suchomimus
    3 - Spinosaurus
    2 - Velociraptor
    1 - Tyrannosaurus Rex

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    Gonna have to go with the OP AND SAY SUCHOMIMUS! But T-rex and dinosaurs that are as known as it are lowest ranked to me. I want more unique and obscure stuff, and im so happy that the Suchomimus was a part of the deluxe edition.

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    Edmontosaurus is my all time favourite.
    I would be totally happy with a game called Edmontosaurus World: Evolution.

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    The Suchomimus looks absolutely amazing, so glad I’ve preordered the deluxe edition. I actually like the Deinonychus, think it looks kinda cool.

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    27 Struthiomimus:I still like variety of Ornithomimids in JWE but I still don't Like them as species since they're to me t rex food

    26 Deinonychus: I would rank it higher on my list if it wasn't for the design of its head that proabbly is made for seperate them from the raptors in the game but still an awesome dino!

    25 Archaeornithomimus : I really like the skin colours on this one otherwise not a fan of Ostrich-like dinosaurs (personal phobia of Ostriches in real life)

    24 Crichtonsaurus: Nice to see some more ankylosaurus species in the game otherwise a decent addition!

    23 Kentrosaurus: Always good with some familiar dinosaurs especially stegosaurids!

    22 Gallimimus: it's a nice animated dino in the game can't wait to have a herd with 20 or more of these. still not a huge fan of the dino though

    21 Camarasaurus: one of my less favourites of the sauropod family but still one of my favourites amongst them!

    20 Metriacanthosaurs: also good to see some european Dinosaurs in the game like the skin animation alot.

    19 Chasmosaurus: I love all Ceratopsid dinosaurs didn't expect frontier to put this in the game so nice to see some suprises in the list

    18 Apatosaurus: Hadn't heard of the species before JW but now i Love it nice to see it return

    17 Tsintaosaurus: Looks a bit like the Corythosaurus otherwise one more species in the dino-list that caught me off-guard

    16 Stegosaurus: A granted dinosaur to make it to the game and I love everything I've seen so far!

    15 Dilophosaurus: I like the real Dilopho much more but this one is cool aswell. Hope it's a bit bigger then the movie version though.

    14 Ceratosaurus: loved it in JPOG and great to see it back in JWE otherwise not my favourite theropod

    13 Majungasaurus: don't know much about this dino still think it's a cool dinosaur . A clear choice though

    12 Edmontosaurus: I love the skin animation with the blue details on the head... thumbs up!

    11 Pachychephalosaurus: Loved this dinosaur since I saw it the first time in JPFW.

    10 Maiasaurus?: haven't seen much of it but skin animation looks great. also love hadrosaurs very much.

    9 Parasauralophus: Loved it since childhood had plenty of toy parasauras at home in my younger days!

    8 Styracosaurus: I love it all ceratopsids are cool IMO

    7 Brachiosaurus: First dino I ever saw on a TV screen that I can remember still love it alot

    6 Velociraptor: The Clever girls are always one of my favourites...

    5 Spinosaurus: yes you may now know that I'm A rexy fan! but Spinosaurus is also a favourite of mine. hated it though when it killed the T rex in JP3...

    4 Suchomimus: Gets the Award from me as the most beautifull skin animation in the whole game so far. I really hope Baryonyx will be in the game aswell!

    3 Triceratops: of course Triceratops would make it into the game C'mon it's one of the most famous dinosaurs in the franchsioe together with the T rex and the Raptors

    2 Ankylosaurus: Personal favourtie herbivore no doubt! this was a Living tank!

    1 Tyrannosaurus Rex: Rexy Is always my number one no mather what

    Love everything I've seen so far and can't wait for the release...tbh I've never been this hyped about a game before! keep up the good work Frontier.

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    I'm really happy with the roster so far. It's really not that many that I wouldn't want to have in my park. At this point, it also looks like they put a lot of effort into making each creature unique, which is something I was worrying a bit about due to Zoo Tycoon. Also, most of the ones I don't like are deluxe dinos, and thus I can probably ignore them for progression

    27- Archaeornithomimus. Seems thoroughly superfluous in a game that has the Struthi and the Galli...
    26- Camarasaurus. This one mainly makes me think of all the other, more interesting Sauropods/Prosauropods that could have been added instead. Otherwise it would probably be middle-of-the-pack.
    25- Crichtonsaurs. All around Meh.
    24- Styracosaurus. One of my favourite dinosaurs, but this is the one dinosaur where I'm really unhappy about what JWE did with it. It just looks boring compared to some of the versions I've seen of this dino.
    23- Struthiomimus. I kind of like it as a starting Dino... small-ish, cheap, simple, can be turned into an ornament for more interesting herbivores in the same enclosure.
    22- Maiasaurus/Unnamed Hadrosaur. I like that it's in the game, but mainly because it makes a good supporting cast to other, more interesting dinos. Might change my mind though once we see a bit more of it.
    21- Metriacanthosaurs. Complete opposite of the Styracosaurus; I'm meh about the dinosaur, but the model & skin are nice.
    20- Tsintaosaurus. It's beautiful, but then, with Corythosaurus and Parasaurus in, it doesn't really add too much. Not sure how to rank that...
    19- Majungasaurus. Same as the Metri, but it looks even better.
    18- Gallimimus. Wouldn't want to miss it, not too excited about it though.
    17- Ankylosaurus. I like the dinosaur, the model is OK.
    16- Apatosaurus. I think the head looks weird. That's probably Universals fault, though. Otherwise, the basic average Sauropod out there, and I like Sauropods
    15- Edmontosaurus. Unsure... I like the model and the dino a lot, I'm really on the fence with the bright colours.
    14- Kentrosaurus. All around nice design.
    13- Triceratops. The colors are kind of boring compared to some of the "newer" additions to the franchise, but a classic.
    12- Deinonychus. Kind of the same dinosaur as the Velociraptor, but Frontier still managed to make it unique and interesting.
    11- Spinosaurus. Very good model. I actually think this one would have benefitted from an upgrade closer to the current research, but I still like it a lot.
    10- Dilophosaurus. Not much to say, beautiful implementation of a known dino
    09- Pachychephalos. Great model of one of my favourites
    08- Chasmosaurus. Wouldn't have wished for it prior to seeing it, but Frontier created an outstanding model.
    07- Velociraptor. It's a raptor.
    06- Stegosaurus. Beautiful
    05- Ceratosaurus. looks very interesting and unique.
    04- Brachiosaurus. I always liked the Diplo better, but an amazing dinosaur nonetheless
    03- Suchomimus. The odd one out among the deluxe dinos. The skin is absolutely gorgeous.
    02- Parasaurolophus. One of my favourite animals, and they really did it justice
    01- Tyrannosaurus. You can see how much work they put into this. And it was a great dino to begin with.

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    Just my top five...

    5. Stegosaurus
    4. Tsintaosaurus
    3. Chasmosaurus
    2. Suchominus
    1. Majungasaurus

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    I'll just do a top and bottom 5


    5 - Deinoychus, just not a fan of its design. I get making it distinct from Velociraptor but the crest doesn't suit it.

    4 - Kentrosaurus, I like it, but it's the only Dino from its area so it's not gonna fit well in my park plans.

    3 - Dracorex, will probably look good. But it's more than likely just a young Pachy

    2 - Torosaurus, just a big Triceratops and from the same area so it's a little redundant. I know people say Struthio is redundant but, I see her as a good choice because she's bfrom a different area than Gallimimus so can fit well into US exhibits.

    1 - Maiasaurus, it's ok. Just the fullest and plainest of the Hadrosaurs.


    5 - Styracosaurus (always been a favourite)
    4 - Ankylosaurus
    3 - Spinosaurus
    2- Suchomimus
    1 - T-Rex

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    27. Deinonychus: I do not like the design at all.
    26. Archaeornithomimus: Well, we have the gallimimus, no?.
    25. Crichtonsaurus: I do not see the reason to add this dinosaur, at least I must thank that it is a new dinosaur, anyway this dinosaurs they will socialize with my ankylosaurus.
    24. Struthiomimus: other big ostrich like the Gallimimus, and of course more food for my carnivores.
    23. Ankylosaurus: I'm not a fan of these dinosaurs, but I must admit that their appearance is fantastic.
    22. Maiasaurus/Unnamed Hadrosaur: I can not say anything until I see it, but if it is a maiasaura then it should not go in this place.
    21. Brachiosaurus: It is very beautiful, but I must say that I do not expect much of these huge and beautiful dinosaurs, in JPOG they just walk and sing, but anyway only i see this animal very slow but as a good shield for our small herbivores.
    20. Pachycephalosaurus: the skin is really interesting, I see this dinosaur nodding to other carnivores, such as the raptor or dilophosaurus.
    19. Styracosaurus: We do not know how this dinosaur would behave in its environment, for example the Kentrosaurus is now aggressive and dangerous, I can not comment at all until I see its behavior.
    18. Camarasaurus:same that Brachiosaurus but more faster.
    17. Edmontosaurus: What can I say about this dinosaur, I love its skin, thank you Frontier for taking into account the colors that showed the official website of JW, just one thing ... crest, seriously?
    16. Stegosaurus: look at that beauty created, good skin, good design that I can tell you, magnificent dinosaur!
    15. Kentrosaurus: most aggressive and more dangerous, that's ok for my.
    14. Ceratosaurus: the same a like kentrosaurus, more danger and more agressive but carnivore.
    13. Parasaurolophus: cute skin, cute dinosaur, i need a herd of this dinosaur
    12. Dilophosaurus : the game will have sticks? very cute and very dangerous
    11. Majungasaurus: How will it be in habitat? I want look forward to seeing him running and growl in his paddock.
    10. Triceratops: i love this dinosaur, now Frontier sample a behavior is more cute but i know this dinosaur hides a secret instinct, yep ... she is most dangerous when then angry.
    9. Tyrannosaurus Rex: Obviously I can not miss this dinosaur, everyone knows how it is and how it behaves will be interesting to see in your paddock and create battles with the Spino.
    8. Velociraptor: I do not know how many dinosaurs we will have as a limit in a park, but I hope to have a lot of velociraptors in a paddock, do not ask me, only know that when I have the game I will do it... I just hope that security can with them.
    7. Apatosaurus: Since I saw the JW movie, I felt a lot of intrigue for these dinosaurs, I will have a herd of them with my brachiosaurus and camarasaurus.
    6. Gallimimus: Higher than the Trex place? yep, I love gallimimus and this dinosaur is pretty cute. remember in JPOG (PC MOD) I used to have a lot of them.
    5. Chasmosaurus: The expected so much time to see the chasmosaurus in a video game of Jurassic Park / World, I can not say otherwise, I just know it's so beautifu.
    4. Tsintaosaurus: Let's talk about this dinosaur, when I saw the species profile of this hadrosaur I was very surprised because Frontier is adding species that we have never seen in the franchise of Jurassic Park / Jurassic World, it is a very nice dinosaur that of course iI'll put into my herds of hedrosaurs.
    3. Metriacanthosaurus: Finally, we have this dinosaur in a game (without counting JW: The game), its design is simply great, its skin is so beautiful and with its species profiles we see how we can change the colors of our dinosaurs, it is an excellent idea for me ... someone else thought that in the "preorder trailer" the Metriacanthosaurus has the same skin as the Albertosaurus of JPOG?.
    2. Spinosaurus: God, when I saw their species profiles, I am hallucinate and cry and scream so much that my wife and my son got scared and thought that I had a attack hahahaha, I have no words for this ... the only bad thing about this dinosaur and its species profiles is its sound, it looks like a agonizing duck
    1. Suchomimus: only for this reason I will buy the deluxe version, this dinosaur take the first place of this table, the skin is so unique, just like on the official website. wonderful dinosaur skin.

    PD: Sorry for my bad english, i used google translator hahahahhaha

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    Cause I am lazy and don't feel like making a list I will just say this. I like them all. They are all amazing and look great. But the Rex is in my top spot. Also the ones that were in the books and movies are in the top spots below the T-Rex. But I still really like all the original ones Frontier have made.