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Thread: X52 Flight Controls

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    X52 Flight Controls

    I need help with a profile. I made one to use the flight stick as a mouse by setting the Mouse Axis' X any Y to Unprogrammed and then setting Axis X and Y of the flight stick to Mouse X and Y respectively. I can move the flight stick as the mouse in Test, but when I close it.

    I had used the flight stick as a mouse on Windows Vista, I'm on Windows 10 now using Logitech's software and drivers. Could you also please remind me what is "Clutch mode", and why or why not Enable Clutch Mode and Latched Clutch Button.

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    The profile just doesn't work in the software it does work in the OS when the profile is selected in the taskbar icon's context menu. So could you just answered the last three questions please?

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    As far as Elite is concerned, Enabled Clutch Mode means you can’t use the I button for boost.