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Thread: I flew to Jameson today...

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    That's the spirit OP. Now take that attitude and apply it to IRL You know it bud Jiu Jitsu

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    Originally Posted by Un1k0rn View Post (Source)
    In Open. Didn't get ganked.

    And I was asking for trouble... You know how the Kalashnikov was equipped on both trips?

    Literally an FSD with engines. No armour, pathetic shields, bad PD...

    And I survived. I was asking to be killed by a n00b killer.

    Didn't happen.

    You know why?

    Because Open isn't nearly as bad as some would have you believe.

    Try it sometime.
    *sigh* Here we go again...

    I have spent most of my "career" in solo/private groups. I started playing more in Open last year.

    I've only been attacked by another player in Open TWICE. However, both times were in Shinrarta Dehzra: one time I was enroute from Lori Jameson's base to Jameson Memorial, the other time I was on my way to Lori Jameson's base.

    The first time the aggressor was in a DBS and successfully interdicted my fully engineered clipper. He was a pirate (complete with script) and running without a shield (probably stealth build). I thought it was amusing that a DBS would try to pirate a Clipper - both because he couldn't hold much of my potential cargo AND I could easily out run him. That's exactly what I did. I boosted away at high speed and then low waked out after he was about 9 km out. I laughed that one off.

    The second time I was finishing up the engineering on my AX Anaconda (clearly labeled as such with the name "Xeno Exterminatus). That time I got interdicted - mini-game was over about as quickly as it started, never seen that happen before - by a dedicated PvP person (infamous and will not be named here) in his Federal Corvette. This time there was no chatting, he just instantly opened fire. I menu logged (NOT combat logged) because I knew I could survive the 15 second countdown, I had no desire to high wake out and come back, and I was playing while home sick.

    That last one soured me a bit on open. I have ventured back in occasionally, but have stopped because every visit to Jameson since then has been marred - not by players attacking me - but by instancing issues where players/NPCs are always on my landing pads. Or I log in there and my ship is inside someone else's ship on the same pad. Bleh. (In fairness, this has happened in Mobius too and soured me on that as well). So as a general rule, I've gone back to Solo.

    Bottom line: Not all of us in solo are there because we fear Open as the land of unending ganking. Some of us are in solo because the game runs faster/better there without all the network load for other players. We also don't have to deal with people bothering us. But hey, keep beating this dead horse and telling all the solo players to join Open and "Git Gud" when some of us are in solo because we want to enjoy the game without being interrupted/inconvenienced by the presence of other people!

    And for the record, I just posted a few hours ago IN FAVOR of PP going open, providing some adjustments are made (remove the annoying PP NPCs from the other modes) if they do so.

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    Originally Posted by Marc D. Ogre View Post (Source)
    I really wouldn't mind flying in open, and I always do when exploring (although there is no point to it). But my experience so far playing in open in the bubble:
    - No docking in station because every landing pad is clogged.
    - jumps into systems or exiting SC to stations take ages because of instancing.
    - Rescue Ships in front of burning stations are swarmed by FDLs trying to ram me to death.
    - A psychopath tries to interdict my empty non-combat ship dozens of times without ever answering any communication attempt why he does so.
    - nobody ever reacts to a friendly o7.
    - And worst: Game crashes occur all the time - In combat jumping, exiting SC, inderdiction minigame...

    So I save myself the trouble and go solo most of the time - at least I can avoid game crashes this way. Decent player to player communication did not even work in multicrew most of the time, so I stopped hoping for that some time ago.

    In the end I really don't care much about open - and I don't get the feeling that anyone wants me there besides being able to shoot my vessel to pieces. Where is my profit in that?
    Yeah, you're citing a lot of the reasons I don't do open - or even Mobius - much any more. It's just not worth the hassle. My time is valuable and solo is more efficient for me: system jumps go quicker due to less network traffic, less chance of all the pads being taken at a station, zero chance of a ship being on the pad I'm cleared to land on, and no hassles when trying to rescue people from burning stations.

    Honestly, I did do a few rescues in either Open or Mobius (or both) and they went fine. I only got fired on once. However, I got tired of all of us communicating on the public channel when we were incoming/departing so as to not leave anyone stuck in the heat. In fact, I saw posts on these forums where people talked about having to queue up to enter/exit the stations and others acting as traffic controllers. Great. Glad you all had fun with that (seriously, I can see how that would be fun). I'm going to solo where I can enter/exit as fast as possible.

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    Originally Posted by Daniel Cloudsifter View Post (Source)
    My time is valuable
    Quoted for truth. And perhaps the best argument to date.

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    Originally Posted by Toumal View Post (Source)
    Quoted for truth. And perhaps the best argument to date.
    Personally, I am Pretending to be a Spaceman, just with a waaaay cooler box than I had when I was five. I don't consider any of my time doing this to be valuable.

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    I've been using an "open only" policy on my alt account. I'm an explorer (the clue is in the name).

    I've had two rebuys from CMDRs, both of them gankings, the latest at SD.

    I fully accept that not every CMDR in open is there to gank, but if you're a non-affiliated explorer, gankers are the only ones who will show you the rebuy screen, because why would someone have a legitimate reason for attacking you?

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