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Thread: Consistent disconnections when I leave supercruise, rendering the game unplayable.

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    Consistent disconnections when I leave supercruise, rendering the game unplayable.


    I've recently moved house, and since then when I try to leave Supercruise, the blue "leaving Supercruise" animation plays almost indefinitely. After about 3 minutes the game times out with an "unable to connect to the server" error message. No specific server is mentioned. Interestingly, when I quit out of the game after, it will fail to respond for many minutes. At the moment this is completely preventing me from enjoying the game- I've been tracking it for the last few days and it happens every time I try to leave SC.

    I've raised a ticket as this isn't affecting anything else on my machine that I'm aware of. All I can think of is that I'm running this over a Powerline adaptor and have recently moved house, but nothing else has changed. Can anyone help?

    Kind Regards

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    does seem connection related I would try a different connection method if avail also try a free vpn as that may route your game data a different and better route possibly if using a pc

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    Hey there CMDR,

    Thanks for raising a ticket, hopefully we can get this resolved for you.

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    Also, check the manufacturer of your powerline network adapters to see if there is a firmware update.

    When I moved, my Netgear powerline adapters did not work *at all* until I flashed the new firmware which was odd as I figured they would work anywhere. But I guess in this apartment complex I live in now has terrible frequencies in the power that needed an upgrade.

    So check if there is an upgrade and you might also consider a factory reset of your powerline adapters if they have such an option (my Netgear's do).