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Thread: Four Questions ,one observation

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    Four Questions ,one observation

    question 1, What does announcement from ship"Warning FSD operating beyond safety limits "
    mean , when I am in supercruise at max speed, and what can I do to prevent it?
    question 2, what are the objects that I see in supercruise that look like comets, and how can
    they just disappear?
    question 3 , What is "wetwork" in missions?

    question 4, When I am trying to interdict a NPC how come it can suddenly disapear? where
    does it go , no hyperspace indicator !!
    Observation, Has everyone noticed that the star ports only wake up when you arrive (SOLO
    PLAY, not sure about OPEN) ie there are no other ships inside so you can use the full
    width of the entry portal without any fear of meeting someone leaving.

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    1) It means you passed through neutron jet cone of nearby star. You can prevent it by not flying through jet cones of nearby neutron stars and white dwarves. (sometimes it's kind of bugged-out and you get this message ways off the star. In any case, you needn't worry. Unless you drop from supercruise inside the cone, you'll be safe. You can even use the cones to boost your jump range if you have a fuel scoop)
    2) Those are other ships.
    3) Basically assassination job. Avoid if you don't want to get wanted
    4) That sounds like a bug. How often does it happen?

    Observation: yes. It's due to the instancing. If you're alone in the instance, the other ships are loaded only as you enter the station space.

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    "Assassination" jobs are where you are given a specific target ship and have to find and kill that specific ship. "Wetwork" appears on Massacre missions, and massacre missions just require you to target the specific class of ship, eg. "civilians", or "bounty hunters".

    "Wetwork" usually only appears on missions where your victims are innocent civilians, or at least not Wanted.

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    Originally Posted by weepop View Post (Source)
    question 4, When I am trying to interdict a NPC how come it can suddenly disapear? where
    does it go , no hyperspace indicator !!
    I believe they just go out of range, seems to happen a lot if you are being hunted - you see them, then they vanish, then they re-appear and try to interdict. Or could be a bug.

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    Q4 - yes, most likely they are going out of range of your sensors.

    observation - yes annoying isn't it. Shame they can't spawn a fully (NPC) populated open/group modes it is though an easy way to know there is another player in the instance you just joined as in this case it will be fully populated as you enter.

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    On entering a starport yes, always empty. Leaving is different. I've had to queue up in some ports (I'm always in solo) and had to roll-yaw on occasion to avoid collisions. May be just my perception but some ships get damn close!

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    Wetwork is a murder mission with no pretence of it being legal anywhere.

    In cruise a ship can disappear off your scanner without leaving a wake if it hits the gravity limit of a planet or star, it might also vanish that way if someone else interdicted them. If it was a player ship then they could have lost connection in some way or other.