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Thread: "Most recent post" element has moved in User CP

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    "Most recent post" element has moved in User CP

    As per the thread title, it seems as though the text element containing the most recent post link has moved to a new line in the User CP thread list.

    I've checked with multiple themes at various zoom levels on Chrome and IE (Windows) and Safari (iOS) and it's common across all of them. IE is actually slightly worse aesthetically, because the first thread in the list has the element not only down one line but also left-aligned while all the others are right-aligned.

    It doesn't actually break anything but it does make that thread list twice as scrolly as it needs to be.

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    Known issue, it's being fixed later today. Fix one thing, break another, that routine.

    Will be working on getting the participants count to function on that page as well.

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    FWIW this is working again, at least on iOS Safari with the Elite Orange theme. There are some truncated pixels in the penultimate column but that might just be a local font rendering issue, and it looks as though itís part of the WIP anyway.