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Thread: Engineering help needed

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    Engineering help needed

    Please excuse me if I'm posting in the wrong place or a painfully stupid question. I have a FDL and I want to engineer it so I can go bounty hunting - combat is not my strong point. So I amass the materials I need and visit that nice Mr Mcquinn. He has now fully modified my 4A multicannon to full "Efficient Weapon". Next comes, "High Capacity Magazine" but despite having the materials, it comes up with a warning that it will "overwrite the previous modification Efficient Weapon. Are you sure?"

    Well, having spent an eternity putting together the materials with which to complete the first modification, I'm loathe to just abandon them, unless it's necessary to progress to a fully upgraded/engineered ship.

    Advice would be gratefully received Commanders!

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    You can only have one engineer modification on any module / weapon, you can't stack them. You can however "buy" an experimental effect for many of those modifications but again only one per module. So you can't have efficient weapon and high capacity on the same weapon.

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    Oh! Don't I feel a proper limpet!!

    Okay, I guess that makes sense. Thank you for your reply Para Handy!!

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    No worries. I exhibited an embarrassing brain-fade about missions on the forum the other day.

    Have fun.