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Thread: The Prodigal Son Return (or Yet Another Python Build Thread)

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    The Prodigal Son Return (or Yet Another Python Build Thread)

    Been playing ED (on PS4) for a while now. My original “target” was a Python but along the way I’ve sold 2 (maybe 3?) of them:

    - The first went to get an FDL for Combat stuff
    - The second (bought from FDL bounty profits!) went to fund my Corvette

    I genuinely thought when I got my Corvette that it could replace the Python - and more - but, whilst I love the look and the firepower, the lack of speed and ability to land at outposts makes it unsuited for a general “mission runner” and for HAZRES bounty hunting the FDL is more fun ... the Corvettes niche seems to be Elite Assassination missions where the extra shields and firepower over my FDL have proven useful.

    So ... I’m keeping the ‘vette but will probably mothball it a little by selling unengineered components (just the dual C4 PAs, I think, but that’s 33 mil right there!!) and I find myself (once again!) spec’ing up a Python for general mission duties.

    So - by cunning reuse of a few engineered modules from my FDL (PP / Thrusters / PD) and DBX (FSD) I should only need to get “new” engineering done on a C6 Shield for the Python and, having learned a lot about resists and boosters and what I want from a mission runner (maximum HP) vs a RES combat ship (charge rate!) I should be able to put something like this together in fairly short order:

    So ... any thoughts? Particularly interested if anyone has done the Dual “over the shoulder” PA thing on a Python: what’s the convergence like? I’m hoping it will be mini-vette-esque!

    One last thought ... since this will be my 3rd (or 4th?) Python, the ship name will be “Prodigal Son” - which seems rather apt.

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    Well, I’ve answered my own question ... the two “top side” C3 hardpoints were too far apart for reliable Dual PA duties for my liking so I’ve gone with Overcharged MultiCannon instead. Popped into a HIRES just to test them out and - good grief - they shred hull!