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Thread: Elite Dangerous: Beyond - Chapter Two Release Date

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    Thank you Frontier!

    Looking at your summary, Beyond: Chapter 2 is looking great and I'm really looking forward to it.

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    Originally Posted by Wicked View Post (Source)
    Yes, the Challenger shown in the announcement trailer and the Krait design that was revealed at Frontier Expo are very similar in design, albeit minor differences. I guess we'll see when Beyond Chapter 2 releases, or in any promotional stuff that comes prior to Chapter 2 release that show other angles of the Challenger.
    I think we may have panicked. It looks like the ship shown in the trailer may well be the Krait and that the Challenger is far more like the Chieftain and has not been shown in the trailer (FD being obtuse/sneaky - delete as appropriate) but which has been leaked in PC Gamer (maybe).

    See playfuldreamer's post ...

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    Hello everyone,

    I've updated the thread to correct some points regarding Wing Missions and the Tech Broker.

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    Originally Posted by playfuldreamer View Post (Source)
    For those worried about whether or not the Krait appears, consider the announcement specifies "ships" as plural. Also consider this image courtesy of PCGamer:

    I think it's safe to assume we're getting the actual Krait in addition to the Challenger. The sweet engine shot in the trailer does not match the Challenger.
    Uh, where exactly does it mention ships?

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    Thanks for the update. Liking the sound of more interaction with the environment

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    Originally Posted by Will Flanagan View Post (Source)
    Hello everyone,

    I've updated the thread to correct some points regarding Wing Missions and the Tech Broker.
    Man, am I disapointed. Really wanted a mission system added to the Tech Brokers.

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    Originally Posted by Will Flanagan View Post (Source)
    We’d love to hear what you think about this next instalment of the Beyond series of updates and can’t wait to let you discover all the content ingame!
    Actually, after reading the details a few times now, there isn’t anything listed for me to look forward to in 3.1:

    • New combat ship, I’m not a combat player so meh.
    • Tougher Thargoid Scouts. I like the Scouts because they are easier and more my skill level, I’d rather have better incentives to fight them than harder opponents. Hopefully they don’t get too tough or the point of having Thargoids for the below average player to fight is lost.
    • More Tech Broker weapons. Again I’m not a combat player, so meh.
    • Installation interactions like Megaships. Again, I’m a non-combat player who isn’t interested in breaking the law, so nothing for me here at all.
    • New Wing Missions. If wing missions were tuned to be attractive for solo players too then I might look forward to this, but since they aren’t, this is meaningless to me. In fact I dread having the mission boards further diluted with missions I won’t ever fly.

    If this is all 3.1 is then it has absolutely nothing for me to get excited about, sadly. I’m happy for everyone who is getting new content though. I’ll just keep playing other games while I wait for Q4 I suppose.

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    Why are you always introducing combat ships, Frontier? Not all players want to just fight, you know. Every update is welcome, of course, but I'm really bored now with the combat focus of this game. Type-10, Chieftain and now the Challenger. Does the Alliance not want trading or exploration oriented vessels? Or a multi-purpose equivalent to the Python? Why does it always have to be combat?

    Also, targeting the final possible release day of Q2 is seemingly the mocking of the system and your promises. The Q3 update will be released on September 27th, I bet, just so you can communicate Q3. Development is both slow and - in my opinion - not going in the right direction. Too much combat focus! Elite should be about way more than this.

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    Alrighty! And just as I shrunk my fleet it has to grow again....

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    More pew-pew/Thargoid-related cr*p.

    What happened to 'fleshing out the core gameplay'?

    Enjoy. I'm off to race cars.
    o7 until Q4 (at least)

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    Originally Posted by Will Flanagan View Post (Source)
    Hello everyone,

    I've updated the thread to correct some points regarding Wing Missions and the Tech Broker.
    Thanks Will ... maybe calm down, sip some tea and then go and re-read the OP again more slowly. The grammars of the posts you is just written is written not quite so good mate!

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    Seems the krait is coming

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    Is there any plan to add Gimbaled variants to the Experimental Weapons that have turreted versions? Being forced to choose either Turreted weapons that deal pitiful damage, or Fixed weapons that I'm awful at aiming with has prevented me from going ham on the Thargoids.

    I'm using a controller to play, and I really cannot get good with fixed weapons, sorry. :/
    Even a "it'll happen in a later update" would be great to hear!

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    "Thargoids continue to be an intergalactic menace!"

    Really? That's it? That's the best someone could come up with as justification for thargoids? Considering its the only one we have from frontier so far that sentence is somehow fitting. Though thinking too much about it the honesty of the person at the keyboard is probably a damning statement.

    Also boo no lep goodies, but not really. Why not just not bother anymore and give a monthly stipend of store credit for skip skins? Problem solved.

    Looking forward to it, time is flying this year.

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    So no actual missions from Tech Brokers, just new large variants of the same weapons and just 1 new type of wing missions. Yet another combat ship...

    My "meh" feeling just grew a little.

    Actually the only bit I'm interested in checking out is the interaction with installations. I just hope the loot will be worthwhile. Otherwise - another meh, just like mega ships interaction