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Thread: On game internals design questions

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    On game internals design questions


    A few questions for the Devs mainly but really anybody.

    I originally thought that online exclusive games are created with antipiracy in mind. However now I was also thinking that the world is massive and to support such world it takes so many calculations that only a powerful cluster server can sustain. Is this true?

    On the same subject I am also interested if the world eg planetary system exist in a grey 3D form with the planets and such being real objects in a space. Or is there some trick to it and we don actually go from point A to point B in a linear form? Or does the crater from a planet exist when I drop out of hyperspace?

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    Dude whatever you drunk or tooked - its not good for you!

    I rlly try to understand your question but I dont get it.

    What have online games todo with anti piracy? And which world is massive?
    You dont need cluster server nowadays any more for simple games like ED. You might use load balancer and make the server redundant but the main calculation is client side. Servers are usually quite small but eats a lot of RAM for fast swapping etc.

    Just try to start learning programming a bit. You will see, you can do it by your own and maybe you will make us the next game we play one day

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    The servers mostly keep track of who was the first to discover a star/planet/moon, connect players who are in the same instance to each other (matchmaking), and push GalNet news stories.

    Almost everything else is done on the client. This keeps the servers (and their network traffic!) cheap for Frontier.

    Star systems, stations, factions... are procedurally generated on the client (except for a small number of [partly] handcrafted systems, such as our own solar system, the systems with the engineers and some thousands of systems around our sun [e.g. Sirius, Maia, and the stars with a HIP-number...] for which data has been imported from star catalogues).

    PvP combat completely happens on the player's computers which connect peer-to-peer (the fact that the servers do not keep track of the combat is the main reason why it is so difficult for Frontier to prevent combat logging).

    If you want to learn about the game's internals, start here: