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Letting us earn engineered modules by taking rep scaled missions from engineer's too would be sweet.
Elaborating on my shortened appeal and rant for engineering,
why not update engineers to the current next level?

With techbroker stuff you have to unlock every weapon in every size and
hardpoint variant once, and then you are done.

Do the same for engineers.
I did a clean and dirty drive upgrade g5, i can now apply clean and dirty drives up to grade 5 without further material cost,
including every experimental tied to the module type i "discovered and crafted".
Engineering improved by 1000%, less grind, more linear unlock.

Next thing, i asked around and tech broker weapons all deal damage to thargoids
and their hearts, excluding human TB items.

Give them purpose and add the ability to damage thargs and their hearts, they are special experimental weapons,
which have their own synthesis recipes and lower ammo reserves.
Make them useful for more than just human-ship bashing.
After all unlocking them is a timesink, so reward it.