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Thread: List your three most used ships, and tell us a bit about them.

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    List your three most used ships, and tell us a bit about them.

    Just a bit of fun, and I know quite a routine question, but hey it's summer where I am, so let's kick back and have a natter!

    1. Python - does everything I want and also allows me to visit outposts, which I enjoy as a bit of variety over the more usual stations. I have two, one for trading the other for passengers. Both pretty much a-rated and engineered the FSD and power plant, but not much else. One is called 'Pink Panther'*, the other 'Slice of Life'. This was the ship I aspired to right from premium beta - it took me ages to get there, but enjoy it as much today as I did when I first got it. I'm eagerly awaiting the galvanised paint-pack for this ship! I did get the body-pack too, but have only used a few very subtle components from it.

    2. DbX - great for exploring. I've a-rated all the key components and engineered the FSD, not to the max but it's got around a 45Ly range, and that's plenty for me to go out into the 'big black'. It's called 'Longbow'. No paints for it yet as I think it looks good 'stock'.

    3. Cobra III - I always get a very silly grin whenever I get back into it (being an '84'er), and it's the ship I have the most paint packs for. A-rated again where it counts and I've engineered the jump range, power plant and distributor. None to the max, just decent level 3 or 4. Named 'Fussy Buzzer'.

    * c'mon, is it really just me thinking they look similar?

    I also have a number of small ships that I struggle to find a 'reason' to fly, and I've long thought that it'd be nice to have missions that mandate the use of a small ship.

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    iClipper: General use ship, but mainly used material gathering. Love the ships flight characteristics. Will most likely replace this ship with a Python in Beyond 3.1 due to the ships shortcomings with the introduction of the FSD booster.

    ASPx: Used for exploration and visiting alien sites.

    iCutter: For trading and this is the ultimate trading ship.

    I have no combat ships as combat is not my thing.

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    Python: The Finch was my coming of age ship in the game. Went from being a noob struggling with npc pirates and ecstatic to make a couple million on a single jump to the rich noob I am now in it. Guessing it has the most flight hours. Currently outfitted for max cargo to rake in credits at lucrative medium pads.

    Vette: Aptly named the Simpleton and chock full of turreted beams, absurd Shield value, and SCBs for maximum CZ/merit farming laziness. Probably spend close to half my time in it as of late.

    The third would be the rest of my fleet, who collectively get more flight time than the above two. I switch between them regularly for bubble jumping, material collecting, and the occasional exploration trip.

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    Asp Ex: Innocent Bystander - gathering mats/SRV/wake scanning and traveling
    Vette: Enormous Girth - pew pew
    Python: Mission In Life - material mission running

    Will probably change once I get some engineering done.

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    1. Anaconda - Exploring, mining, and carting sheeple
    2. Vulture - VR combat
    3. Sidewinder - Carefree flying

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    1. DBX - Exploring abounds.
    2. FDL - Primary bounty hunting vehicle. Great shields, maneuverability, and the huge HP is face melting.
    3. Python - Hauler & great generalist.

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    Type 9 - The Adkov. Perfect for my prospecting. Looks great on a hill when I'm buzzing around in my srv.

    Type 9 - ..... admittedly I have a bunch of ships, but have only used this one since I got it early last year. I also use this as a support vessel when bounty hunting with a group. I guess I'm the cleric. Handles like a boat on land in combat, but with nothing but turrets I don't need to turn much.

    Type 9 - I might have a problem. With some good mods and engineering I get acceptable jump ranges and have gotten quite a few firsts with this.

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    DBX: My go to Exploration Ship which has taken me to some great areas off and on planet.
    Vulture: My go to Combat ship. I love the way it handles and how it looks.
    Cobra Mk3: This is my work horse ships. I use it for most mission work.

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    1. Vulture
    2. Vette
    3. DBX

    Nuff said...

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    1) Python; armed mission runner/passenger kiner
    2) AspX; Bubble traveler
    3) iCourier; go cart/data mission goto ship

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    Cutter, Vulture, Asp. Built obviously for purposes that suit the ships, except for maybe the Cutter since I find that it flies in combat just fine.

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    1. Asp X - Literally 90% of my 1800+ hours in Elite have been spent flying my Asp Explorer. I've done everything in it, but mostly exploring.
    2. DBX - After the DBX was buffed in 2.3 I flew it a LOT, essentially mothballing my Asp X.
    3. Python - This used to be my main mining ship, so I've done a lot of mining in it. Now my T10 has taken its place.

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    1) Combat Corvette – Name: Azrael’s Embrace. Used for popping NPCs, the instigators of fool-hardy interdictions and general carnage. Lethal and veritably agile with full G5 engineering. Chromed paint-job. Red weapons/engines/hud. Seriously crappy jump range.

    2) Explorer Anaconda – Name: The Riven Void. Weaponless, 68-ish ly jump range with vehicle hanger. I’ve managed to get the downgraded thrusters to boost but I have to be mindful of high-G worlds. Lightweight/G5 everything where beneficial. Midnight Black paint-job. Red weapons/engines/hud. Used for getting anywhere quickly and far-flung sojourns across the void.

    3) Asp Explorer – Name: Urizen Scatter Black. The first ship that I really loved and the one that netted me the bulk of my first billion. 48+ ly jump range – now used for darting around the bubble and general errands, mostly because of my fondness for the ship. Midnight Black paint-job. Red weapons/engines/hud (it’s a theme).

    I also enjoy my Beluga (money spinner) and Python (trade/mining), both of which I use equally regularly.

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    1. Alliance Chieftain - requisitioned for the Federal cause. Manoeuvrable beyond all expectation, great jump range, good shields when fitted properly, wonderfully well armed and fast! Limited internals - but I work within those limitations for the tasks I set for her.

    End of list - I own no other ships.

    I am a simple Commander - one ship, one adventure.

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    I've only flown a DBX for months since I restarted (got a Sidey and a Freagle parked somewhere). It's nearly fully engineered for PvE bounty hunting with a 57ly jump range for exploration (while fully armed) and getting around. Named YourBunnyWrote and she's vibrant yellow.

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