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Thread: Just been to watch Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom (No Spoilers)

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    Originally Posted by CMDR Karrde Sun View Post (Source)
    The metro setting and militarising dinos themes are the most cringeworthy addition to jp lore. I appreciate the original as an aliens clone with excellent alternate premise.
    It's 25 years ago so it's not easy to remember but Crichton's Jurassic Park was met with the same kind of GM reaction; cloned, genetically engineered dinos, on a lunchbox. Man plays god, heresy! Themes of that first movie were chaos theory - populist maths of the time - and the breakdown of man-made systems but I think it's a stretch to imagine 4 more films based on the exact same themes being very interesting, dinos or no.

    Exploitation for me, is an interesting theme because as Alan Grant said, real science is found in the ground, what Hammond created were theme park monsters. We were already on a slightly fantastical arc, right from the start but the idea of people trying to make money in even more exploitative ways, once a park seems a less good idea, is really not that far fetched for me. Neither is the idea of imprinting and training, people have been doing that with eagles for millenia.

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    Originally Posted by Vice-Roi View Post (Source)
    I can NOT understand how you can say anything like that. I won't spoil anything, but if the film is well realised, the scenario is a pure disaster. Lots of clichés, stupid decisions by most of characters, lots of inconsistencies... Crichton would never have liked something like this.

    i forgot to say that, yes, i'm an huge fan of the first film but I really enjoyed TLW and JW. I did appreciate JP3 when I was a kid but I find it so stupid now for the same reasons I didn't enjoy Fallen Kingdoms.
    Exactly this is the movie, we could change Chris Pratt for Dwayne Johnson (The Rock), and you wouldn't notice a difference in the spirit of the movie. My recommendation? Go and see this movie with your brain off, you have to go thinking "I just want to see dinosaurs, I don't want logic and coherence, just some mindless action", and you'll be good to go.

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    I am glad you liked the movie. Unfortunately I have to wait till the 22nd to be able to watch it, but I will definitely go and see it because I want too. Sure when I saw Jurassic World for the first time I was skeptical too but it grew on me. They can't please everyone with the movie, same thing for Jurassic World Evolution, you can't please everyone!! Liking or not liking is just a human opinion.

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    Yes, but liking it's separated from quality, I liked Pacific Rim 2 because I just wanted to see robots vs robots and monsters, but the movie it's bad, but I could enjoy it because I I wasn't looking for anything more from that movie. That's why the new movie can't grow on me (I didn't like the first World movie, those Dinosaurs from different species acting like the A-Team… ugh… it's a total Deus Ex, but it was better than this Joke that doesn't deserve the name Jurassic), because it's nothing more than action and absurd logic, and I want something like the first Jurassic Park, but I see that those good old times are far, far away.

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    I liked JW:FK - and certainly worth a cinema visit. It's no JP, but then again the whole movie series is quite meta - it's a series of films about parks featuring increasingly outrageous dinosaurs in order to carry on attracting visitors - very meta.

    It also made me wonder how much FD were told about the storyline - as you can tell even from the JW:FK trailer there is not much park management going on in the film which it is being released with

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    Went to watch it tonight. Was very impressed.

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    Was no one upset by the following SPOILERS?

    1. The heart-wrenching moment the Brachiosaurus is left on the island as the ash cloud engulfs her?
    2. The end of the franchise:

    • They've killed off the islands with the volcano.
    • They've killed off the dinosaurs - okay so a handful are released to the world - certainly not enough to breed.

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