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Thread: Drabble Short Story Contest - #256 Regret

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    Drabble Short Story Contest - #256 Regret

    Well done to all last week's winners. Many thanks to TheOriginalB who gave us this week's topic "Regret". Welcome to our new Drabbler, Star-Lord_Prime. And a big thank you to Midden who dashed off a quick Drabble to pad out the entries a little.

    01 - Frank - But Then Again, Too Few to Mention

    Bert's copilot, Jake, was floating close by. "You know, I should never have insulted those pirates. They were in an engineered Corvette."

    "Nah! They had it coming. Our T7 might've been a little rusty, but she didn't deserve what they called her."

    Bert couldn't see Jake's expression through the spacesuit helmet, but he sounded upbeat. "You do know we're gonna die out here in outer space, because of what I said?"

    "So what!?"

    "You know I've never heard you say you've regretted anything in your life. We don't have much oxygen left..."

    "Well... I once entered a stupid Drabble contest."

    02 - cleonymus - Sometimes there are ladders, sometimes there are snakes.

    Months of hauling had given me the credits.
    And now a tax free CG.
    Docked in a High tech system I entered the shipyard.
    I could afford a cutter.
    If I stripped the internals I could fill it with cargo bays. No discovery scanner or fuel scoop.
    The goal had only minutes to run.
    Sell everything else.
    All I could think of was affording the cargo. Nearly 800 tonnes.
    No need for shields. No need for rebuy.
    One run would set me up for life.
    I think the python saw me leave.

    03 - TheOriginalB - Forewarned is Forearmed (aka It's only .22 LY to Glory and Riches)

    The view of Earth was lovely from Abraham Lincoln station, and I enjoyed sitting in the lounge taking it all in. Finally, my break was over, and it was time to take on new work. I pulled up the missions available. Sightseeing to Sag A*? Too far. Mine 720 tons of palladium? Too much work, too many pirates. Oh, this delivery mission pays well, and it's just one system over. Easiest money I'll ever make! Minutes later as I was firing up the frame shift drive, a thought tickled the back of my brain: "Why does Hutton Orbital sound familiar?"

    04 - phong - The old man and the sea

    He gently probed the soil testing its moisture content.Years of experience had taught him that these things could not be rushed,and he gently poked the last seed into the hollow,before scooping regolith back over it.When he fumbled at the empty seed bag at his side he realised his work was done. Later,sat in the cockpit on the bluffs sipping janx,he looked out over a moons-lit sea, watching the occasional plash as leviathans breached from the depths beneath a radiant canopy of stars. His only regret, he didn't have time to right a good drabble.

    05 - Star-Lord_Prime - Regretful decision

    Alvin and Simoof came back from trip to Earth on annual meeting of Cmdrs known also as Lavecon. They left the station under the protection of Cmdr Star-Lord_Prime.
    Report from that night was as follows: "CMDR Star-Lord_Prime managed to achieve the impossible. He single handedly not only drained the reserves of Gin, he made a party so big that nothing was left untouched in an hour. Cmdr Bret Riverboat tried to stop him but only responce he got was 'Screw you Rob'. Star-Lord_Prime himself was last seen screaming "I regret nothing!" in cubicle 3 before being flown down the airlock."

    06 - Galactic Midden - Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word

    The biggest convention of the year was beginning. Well it wasn't the biggest but the organisers thought that sounded cool.

    The crowd waited patiently, packed into the enormous auditorium of the Sledgebrick Hall, the greatest venue on the Planet Diso. A booming tap and a cough on the microphone announced the start of the event.

    "Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to the galaxy's greatest convention. This weekend you will be entertained beyond all your senses with games, talk of games, and games. Now the bar might've already run out of beer, but they still have some Pernod and lots of Martini"

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    Vote Now!.. or I'll force you to read another one of these

    The Core Dynamics designer swivelled his holo-drawing-board to let his supervisor see the new ship. "It has long undercarriage so you can swap cargo bays without effort, but that doesn't affect the look of the ship when it's in flight. It'll look stunning in its default white. The Vulture's named after a bird. We..."

    ...A reader tapped the monitor to attract Frank's attention "Did you read the topic right? You do know it's 'regret' and not 'egret'?"

    "Oh no!", Frank slapped his head with his hand, "I wish I'd never started this stupid Drabble."

    A few readers regretted reading it.

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    Thanks to the awesome turnout we are this week lumbered with the theme of CLASS.

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    Congratulations on your win Phong. The limited number of Drabbles and the special weekend all contributed to the poor turnout, but that doesn't reflect on the quality of your winning Drabble.