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Thread: Streamer Schedule during E3 2018

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    Can we add Lavangfan to the list of streamers as well?

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    Originally Posted by babypowder84 View Post (Source)
    Can we add Lavangfan to the list of streamers as well?
    Lavangfan actually has a separate promo post coming up soon :3

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    Originally Posted by Paige Harvey View Post (Source)
    Hello Commanders,

    As you've no doubt seen plastered over our social channels, we're off to E3, however as we'll be travelling it does mean there won't be any official Elite Dangerous streams next week. As such, we've curated a list of awesome streamers from the community who will be around to give you your Elite Dangerous fill until we return!

    If you're not included in the lists below and would like to be, leave a comment!

    Date Time (in BST) Name Link
    Friday 8 June 10PM LaveCon
    Saturday 9 June 11PM SemperK
    Saturday 9 June 1PM Smiter1983
    Sunday 10 June 10PM UnbreakableRaids
    Sunday 10 June 2PM DarkInsanities
    Sunday 10 June 11AM Pleijpje
    Monday 11 June 12PM Psyche
    Monday 11 June 1:30AM Brizz_TGP
    Monday 11 June 3AM PaleGringo
    Monday 11 June 7PM L1amalicker
    Tuesday 12 June 9PM The_Cambion
    Tuesday 12 June 2:30AM CarletoFromMars
    Tuesday 12 June 3AM Skyhijinx
    Tuesday 12 June 2PM Malic_VR
    Tuesday 12 June 9PM MrMyu
    Wednesday 13 June 6PM CaptainMD13
    Wednesday 13 June 4PM BuddyBusErik
    Wednesday 13 June 8PM NatsWright
    Wednesday 13 June 2AM CodeNameBoris
    Wednesday 13 June 3:30AM Orkin114
    Thursday 14 June 11AM Bognogus
    Thursday 14 June 4AM espCoder
    Thursday 14 June 11PM SumoDeluxe
    Thursday 14 June 10PM King_inf3rn0
    Thursday 14 June 1AM Sir_Lambsalot
    Thursday 14 June 8PM TheHoneyThief
    Friday 15 June 11PM TxKicker
    Friday 15 June 1AM ItWasSean
    Friday 15 June 8PM Arimus
    Friday 15 June 6:30PM HelloItsKolo
    Saturday 16 June 4PM Druk
    Saturday 16 June 3PM SteampunkCheese
    Saturday 16 June 3AM HrothgarrThorson
    Sunday 17 June 1PM BubbleMapGaming
    Sunday 17 June 3PM Icobacca

    Lavangfan Thursday / Friday anytime. please contact me or Lavangfan

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    I stream elite most days, but specifically Sunday is CQC for a 4 hour block. 11:30 AM EST/4:30 PM BST - - 3:30 PM EST/8:30PM BST. Anyone looking for CQC this is week 9 of our little event.

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    Let's get me on that list boi

    various days.

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