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Thread: #OFFTOPIC - Frontier at this time (Thanks to all, my best wishes)

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    #OFFTOPIC - Frontier at this time (Thanks to all, my best wishes)

    Hello everybody.
    We have all waited for this game for a long time and now there are only 5 days left and for all this I want to tell you as a community .... THANK YOU
    Thank you all for your kindness and for the patience we have had, I joined this forum recently and I really loved it ... I hope to see many of you here after the launch day. Thanks to you, we have also clarified many doubts we have. We have followed every detail of the game, every video ... (funny thing, I'm 23 years old and when I saw the video of the advertisement I really cried, because Jurassic Park has always very liked and this gave me just in my childhood), then .... has been a literally a year of anguista and finally ... there is only little time to have it (I hope my computer can run, I hope in low configuration)

    Finally I want to thank the Frontier team for this hard challenge, a long and maybe tedious work, but I know that it will be a success and all the effort of this team will be very worthwhile, Thank you Frontier team!

    So, I hope we stay united and Frontier is happy for all that he has achieved. Greetings, hugs and toast for the game!
    My real name is Oscar López, and I send you a strong greeting from Mexico! Excuse me if I sound a little silly or expressive, but it's something of mine hehehehe

    - Frontier at this time:

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    Isn't it 4 days?

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    Here here! Nice to see a positive post for a change

    Remember this is only the beginning, I fully expect in 12 months time to be still posting on this forum looking forward to new DLC updates. Cheers Frontier

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    If Frontier don't do the gameplay premiere on Sunday dressed in these t-rex costumes I may have to reconsider my purchase...