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Thread: New Player Minor Faction Looking for Pilots

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    New Player Minor Faction Looking for Pilots

    Armed Wanderers Enterprises

    Platform: Any
    Timezones: International
    Comms type: PS4 Messaging, INARA, Discord

    Join our casual, fun-loving, group of commanders. We participate in BGS, PVE, and CGs. We’re always looking for new pilots to add to our wing. We are 100% independent and welcome all commanders over 21 regardless of allegiance.

    Our services include:

    - Bounty Hunting
    - Armed VIP Transport
    - Secure Data and Cargo Transport
    - Salvaging
    - Refueling Services
    - and the occasional Exploration
    Think you got what it takes to make the 'verse a better place?

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    AWE crushed the Awawar Liberty Party and assumed control of Vandermeer Hub.

    This station gives us a base to operate out of and a means to properly train more pilots. One of those pilots could be you. Join our cause.

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    In one month's time AWE has assumed control of two stations and our home system. Join in on our fun, join AWE today.